Gift Ideas for the Mountain Man Dad

They say that it’s easy to be a father, but a true test of patience to be a Dad. A father brings a child into this world, but a dad takes care of their children. Regardless if your father was in your life or not you know someone that has influenced you in a way like a dad. It could be your Pops, coach, or even an uncle. For this Father’s day here are three gift ideas to celebrate the mountain man that was a dad in your life:

Three Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Meat – A man’s best friend

Mountain Valley Meats SignA way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, enjoying a good piece of meat on a grill is in nearly every man’s best gift idea list. There is something masculine about cooking a steak over a flame outside. Instead of just your typical piece of steak why don’t you find a local butcher that sells local grass fed steaks or go for something crazy like game meats. Here are a few butcher shops in ski towns in North America that are close to our hearts:

Support a local ski or bike shop

BC Safety gearIt used to be that men identified themselves by their occupation. This is no longer the case for most fathers nowadays. Instead of getting them a polo or tie why don’t you get them something from a local bike or ski shop that relates to their favorite activity. If you don’t know what kind of gear to buy them, get them a t-shirt from their local shop. There is nothing better than representing a company they believe in. Here are a few shop that we like to stop by when we are in town:

A case of their favorite local ski-town brew

Aspect Boards n Brews Beer SignFinally, how can you celebrate an occasion without something to toast with. So why not get your buddy a case of one of the micro-breweries that is based in their favorite ski town. Even better, mix n match! Of course, if you live close to a brewery grab a growler ‘cuz fresh beer out of the tap is always the best. Here are a few breweries:


Hopefully, these last minute ideas will work for the mountain man in your life. Enjoy your time with the dad in your life this Father’s day.  We wish you all an amazing weekend!

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