2014 – Year in Review

The end of the calendar year doesn’t mean the end of the ski/snowboard season, but rather the beginning of hopefully an epic winter for everyone in North America. So, Local Freshies thought we would give an update of where we are at in the industry, the ski season, and just some of the other crazy things that have happened this year.

The Good

Higher - World movie premier at Squaw Valley

Higher – World movie premier at Squaw Valley

Release of Higher – The Final Chapter

The last of Jeremy Jones’ trilogy of mountaineering and snowboarding was a great closing film to this saga. All three movies are a must see for any skier or snowboarder. Check out our review of the world premiere at Squaw Valley here.

Women going after it

Photo Courtesy of Unicorn Picnic

Photo Courtesy of Unicorn Picnic

This year the ladies are killing it in the industry. Here are just a few of the examples:

  • Angel Collinson’s part in Almost Ablaze was ridiculous she did lines that would make ANYONE tremble. Check out our review of her part along with the ski movie here.
  • Pretty Faces – There have been a few all-girls ski/snowboard films made over the years but this one is different. Its goal is to inspire all ladies to get out there and enjoy the mountains! Check out our review here

Colorado’s Snowfall

They’ve been getting hammered this season. Places like Breckenridge, Vail, and Copper Mountain are 150 % above average to date. The storms keep rolling into Colorado with another set of storms due around New Years. After seasons full of drought it’s exciting to see Colorado getting the goods.

Mr. Consistent – The Northern Rockies


No matter how good or how bad the snow is in the rest of the country Grand Targhee, Jackson Hole, and Whitefish are consistent. They are right now at average with over 3 feet of snow in the past week. Check out our article about Whitefish if you are looking for a unique place to visit here.

The Bad

JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson

JP & Andreas

It was sad to hear some of the most influential skiers of our time were lost in an avalanche. For more about what happened check out our article here.

Tough start in the Pacific Northwest

Mt Baker in the clouds

Mt Baker in the clouds

The normal powder mecca of the Pacific Northwest which usually gets hammered every winter has had a horrendous start. The storms that have come through have had a very high rain/snow line that was above the summits of most of the ski resorts in the region. Mt Baker who normally receives 700+ inches every season just opened on December 20th with a few smaller resorts not even open yet. Let’s hope our brothers and sisters start getting some snow!  To read more about how awesome Mt. Baker can be check out our first article in our 2 part series here.

The Ugly

Local Brewery in Bend sold to In-Bev

Last month, 10 Barrel Brewing one of Bend’s more unique breweries was sold to In-Bev to help with distribution around the country. This means that one of the unique things that make Bend distinctive will be available everywhere. Sadly, this mean another brewery is now owned by In Bev. We will talk more about this in our future post as well as some of the other great breweries to try in Bend.

Park City bought by Vail Ski Resorts

In the biggest accounting debacle of recent history Powder Corp lost control of Park City Mountain Resort to Vail Ski Resorts. To get further info about what does this mean for locals check out our article here.

Wacky world of Lake Tahoe Snowfall

View of Lake Tahoe from the top of the California trail on opening day.

View of Lake Tahoe from the top of the California trail on opening day.

Storms have been odd this season sticking to the west of the Sierra Nevada crest along with high snow levels. Ski resorts west of the crest are in fact almost at average above 7,000 feet but the ski resorts on the eastern side are way below average. After three season hopefully this will improve. Check out our opening weekend reviews:

Utah Ski season

The ski resorts in the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons are in full operation, but like the Sierra Nevada’s the resorts on the eastern side have received much less snow along with high snow levels

This past year has been exciting, intriguing, and for some already an awesome winter. Local Freshies wants to wish everyone a Happy powder-filled New Year!


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