2014 – Year in Review

The end of the calendar year doesn’t mean the end of the ski/snowboard season, but rather the beginning of hopefully an epic winter for everyone in North America. So, Local Freshies thought we would give an update of where we are at in the industry, the ski season, and just some of the other crazy […]

Best new Brewery in Lake Tahoe!

After a trademark blue bird powder day that Tahoe is known for, a cold beer and a great meal is in order. Luckily, in the mid-town section of South Lake Tahoe lies the newest gem that everyone must visit, the Cold Water Brewery and Grill. This part of South Lake has always been where the […]

Pretty Faces

A sports film with a name like this it instantly sparks your curiosity.  Most are guaranteed to take a second look.  The name is fitting.  This is an all-female ski film.  Be assured the title didn’t lie.  All the ladies in the show are easy on the eyes.  It’s not only about that though…there’s truly […]

Always use protection

whether it be riding a bike, playing football, snowboarding, or…well you get the picture. My mom taught me this early in life.  Apparently, this was true for the gang at Tahoe Mountain Sports as well.  So much so, Part Two of their Avalanche Education Series was dedicated to what some think is the most important […]

Sierra at Tahoe – Opening Weekend

Driving through the town of South Lake Tahoe it resembled more of a ghost town instead of the bustling town it normally is on a powder day. The Gondola sat eerily still due to the major storm that wreaked havoc across the Tahoe basin. Gusts of over 140 mph were felt along the crest of […]


and snow…Sounds awesome! Get ready for a film as unique as the name of their production company. Unicorn Picnic presents the all girl ski movie, Pretty Faces! The word is, Lynsey Dyer and crew take you to some amazing locations and ride the gnarliest lines with elegance and style. The goal of the show is […]

The best ski resort in America – based on facts

We’ve talked about how to plan your ski or snowboarding trip in our past posts. If you didn’t catch it, have a look in our tips section. So, the next question that comes to mind…what is the best ski resort to visit? Instead of basing our judgment on opinion we thought we would base our vote purely […]

Turkey Day Getaway

After I had my fill of turkey and visited with family during the long Thanksgiving weekend, I began to get antsy sitting around doing nothing.  This time of year in the Sierras it is a hit or miss regarding snow.  Definitely more of a “miss” lately. That’s the case this year.  Not only was it the holiday, […]

The best kept secret for powder hounds!

Mount Bohemia Driving north on US Highway 41 during the winter through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, your eyes begin to squint trying to see the first random flakes falling from the sky. As quickly as the first snowflake appeared, suddenly the heavens release and the snow begins to fall with a vigor. The car’s […]