2015 Year in Review – Top 5 Posts of 2015

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Looking back at 2015 what will this year be remembered for? Here at Local Freshies, it felt like the year of rebirth. From finishing one of the worst winters on record to starting what seems to be, right now, one of the best winters we’ve seen in over a decade! This was also the year that we put on our first movie premiere in the Tahoe region. But, since our goal is to provide written content that isn’t seen anywhere else we thought we would let our readers see if our numbers speak the truth. Let us know if one of your favorite posts of last year is here and if not which one? Here are our top 5 posts of 2015:

Avalanche Training is like Going on a Diet – Part 1

David Reichel talks about El Niño.
David Reichel talks about El Niño.

This was by far our hands down winner this year. It was the first part of our in depth review of the California Avalanche Workshop held in South Lake Tahoe. This event personally introduced me to the backcountry community in the region as well as gave me a way to kick off the season. Check out Part 1 here and for Part 2 here.

Not the Average Ski Town

Whitefish - Gateway to Glacier National Park and the Northern Rockies
Whitefish – Gateway to Glacier National Park and the Northern Rockies

Whitefish, Montana…there are not enough words in the English dictionary to describe how amazing this place is. From a mountain that is still pure with uncrowded slopes where 4 inches rides like 12. A town that has unique eateries and an amazing brewery what more could you want in a destination? In fact, I loved it so much I even decided to get married there on frozen Whitefish Lake in the middle of last winter.  For the article go here.

A Story of David and Goliath –

Image taken by Ian Mullarney
Image taken by Ian Mullarney

This was a total shock to us. The story about a little ski area in Wisconsin made our top 5 post! It says a lot about the history of this resort. This place is truly the little engine that could. From being in the top 5 resorts for a half pipe, to snowboarding into June some years, this place truly pushes the envelope on what is possible.  For more about Tyrol Basin go here.

Made by Locals for Locals – Part 1

Image Courtesy - Marhar Snowboards
Image Courtesy – Marhar Snowboards

As most of you can relate, our love for supporting local shops and board companies runs deep. We have a passion in supporting all companies that try to make goods in North America even though it is against all odds. For those that don’t remember, it only takes 15 ocean vessels to produce as much air pollution as all the cars on the planet! This is how most of your foreign made gear gets to the U.S. There are 200,000 vessels on Earth. It’s up to us to make a change by buying things made locally instead of overseas.  Also, make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 found here and here.

The Powder Highway – Intro to the trip of a Lifetime

Going up Summit Chair looking over at all the epic terrain.
Going up Summit Chair looking over at all the epic terrain.

The Powder Highway is truly a mythical place. Nowhere else on earth is so rugged, so beautiful, and so pure. This was our introductory post onto our 4 week journey into the unknown. Be sure to check out all our Powder Highway posts found here.

Runner up: Free Lift Tickets for a Good Cause

If you would’ve told me that our post talking about The Northern Grease – Tahoe Film Tour was in the running for our most popular article I wouldn’t have believed you, but it’s true!

So, now that you’ve seen our Top 5 posts of 2015 do you have one that stood out for you? Is it one of these or is there another post that you liked more?

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