Not the average ski town

Whitefish, MT has a lot to offer with awesome terrain and a great town, but this place isn’t just a normal ski town. It is a mecca for anyone that loves being in the outdoors. The detour to Whitefish before the Powder Highway was no accident. This is the location that my wife-to-be and I chose to […]

In search of new terrain

en route to the Powder Highway The journey from San Francisco, CA to the Powder Highway has begun. Word is, new terrain is open in Whitefish, MT, so a stop by Big Mountain is in order. To bypass difficult road conditions, we followed the route east of the Cascade Mountains. First stop, Weed California for […]

The trip most only dream about!

The Powder Highway   Where is Shangri-la? Does it even exist? To find out where it’s located you need to know what defines it? Normally, it’s described as a location high up in the mountains isolated from the outside world. A paradise that is untouched, pure and beautiful. That can only mean one thing…Shangri-la must be […]

Skiing and riding green…

Low snow in your area this year? Warm temperatures? Climate change to blame? What are you doing to make a difference? Better yet, what’s your local hill doing to ensure snow for years to come? It might be shocking to find out that more ski area patrons will be able to experience cleaner air and […]