Save the Planet!

“If you want civilization to flourish, you must think seven generations ahead.” Chief Seattle   On the seventh floor of the Eventbrite headquarters in San Francisco, the screening of Momenta was scheduled.  Being above the hustle and bustle of the city streets, there was a feeling of a grassroots movement.  The 2014 – 2015 season […]

The biggest resort on the planet?

  It’s a done deal! For those that remembered we talked about if Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons combining was good or bad thing for locals.  That article can be found here.  Well, Vail Resorts announced they have been given the go ahead from Park City Planning Commission to begin combining them.  Vail was quoted saying this project […]

Fresh pow everyday!

Shrouded in a thin layer of fog, the snow continued to fall lightly covering all 32,000 acres with a fresh coat of white. Sitting in the center of this wilderness is a lone lodge named Baldface. Known for its mark in snowboarding past, present, and future, Baldface is celebrated for being the first backcountry operation to accept touring […]

Visiting the mountains must be an adventure and this place challenges all

The men that built this mountain were rugged, resilient, and most of all visionaries. Overlooking Kirkwood from the summit, you will understand why these men put their heart and soul into opening this resort. There are cliff bands, chutes, trees, gullies, bowls, and even a well groomed beginner area separated from the rest of the […]

The entrance to Catskiing at Baldface Lodge

*BEEP*, *BEEP*, *BEEP*…that’s the sound of your alarm clock attempting to wake you up. Laying there motionless, you suddenly realize that today is special. Today is different. It’s the day to go to Baldface Lodge! Leaping out bed you rip open the curtains with excitement. Your heart rejoices at the sight of falling snow but […]

Back to school…Part 4

  Destruction! Like all things in nature snow can be beautiful or it can be a dangerous recipe that could kill you.  In Part 3 of the Back to School series, we covered the types of avalanches and how they are classified. For the final chapter we will take a closer look at avalanche size, the type […]

A Town Untouched By Corporations

Is there a ski-town left in North America that isn’t touched by mega-corporations, legal red-tape, and million dollar homes? The answer is yes! In a remote part of British Columbia there is one of these places left. Nestled in a tight valley surrounded by the Selkirk Mountains the town of Nelson hugs the long, thin […]

Back to School…Part 3

Avalanches  Yep, that’s right…Avalanches.  What does that mean?  It means not just one. Plural, more than one.  While multiple slides can happen at once, that’s not what is being discussed.  I’m talking about the type.  There are three to be exact.  Each has different characteristics, with unique potential consequences for backcountry travelers.  At Tahoe Mountain […]

Entryway to adventure and paradise

Whitewater Ski Resort Whitewater is defined as the part of a river that looks frothy because it’s moving very fast over rocks. So why in the world would you name a ski resort “Whitewater?” The last thing a skier or snowboarders’ wants to think about is snowmelt! This time it’s a good thing. It’s due to the location. The resort sits […]