Local Lowdown – Granite Peak Update

Here is out latest Local’s Lowdown by Erik Vizinas.  Huge thanks to him for giving us an update of what’s up in the Midwest.  For those living in another part of the country feel free to send us your Local’s Lowdown and we may post it in our next installment. Just a 5-hour commute from […]

Donating Awesome Fun For Youth – Tahoe Style

When you are born you see and hear the world without any emotional baggage or opinions. It’s one of the rare moments in life when you truly see the world with and unfiltered view. Unfortunately, this sheltered period is very short. It’s even shorter in underprivileged youth. This segment of the population is forced to […]

Vail buys a piece of Chicagoland

The Empire continues to expand Just last year Vail purchased Park City combining with Canyons resort to make the largest ski resort in the country. It was a groundbreaking news event.  For more about this purchase check out our post found here.  This year, just north of Chicago a small humble resort called Wilmot Mountain […]

Tahoe Movie Premier of Balance & We are All Zeal

You most likely thought you missed your opportunity to see a snowboard movie premier. Well, you guessed wrong! This Thursday on January 21st Zeal Optics along with Diamond Peak and Hyatt Lake Tahoe will be holding a Ski & Snowboard Movie Night with presenting: We are all Zeal A film that doesn’t seem to pull […]

Local Lowdown from Park City – January 12, 2016

There are few better things in life than friends congregating from their respective parts of the world to ride. I’m lucky enough to have a friend, Matas, who lives and works in Park City and was so gracious to host me and our two Canadian friends for our stay. He picked Jonas, Rory and I […]

Splitboard Gear Review I

Going from inbounds resort riding to the backcountry, my first assumption was that the backcountry gear will be clunky, heavy, and most of all under-performing when it comes to the snowboarding part. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed both on the ascent and descent. It’s tough enough to […]

2015 Year in Review – Top 5 Posts of 2015

Looking back at 2015 what will this year be remembered for? Here at Local Freshies, it felt like the year of rebirth. From finishing one of the worst winters on record to starting what seems to be, right now, one of the best winters we’ve seen in over a decade! This was also the year […]