Empowering a community

through creativity… It used to be that you could learn how to express yourself through art in school. With the budget cuts from Federal and State Governments a lot of these programs are phased out. Many are replaced in favor of STEM education. This is good and well, but there’s still a segment of the […]

Bend It

There are many great routes to ski resorts. Some run from the Sea to Sky such as the highway up to Whistler, BC. Then there’s the lake in the sky. Cresting Echo Summit Lake Tahoe consumes the horizon and is a must see. One of the most dramatic and desolate roads is the one that leads to Mt. Bachelor. From Bend you […]

Disneyland of Outdoor Recreation

From skiing at Mt. Bachelor, kayaking or standup paddle boarding the Deschutes River, mountain biking, hiking or running on the trails, this little spot known as Bend has it all. There’s pretty much every outdoor activity you could think of and it’s all within thirty minutes of town. Luckily for us we’ve been fortunate enough […]

ATOC finishes in South Lake

Yesterday, stage 5 of the Amgen Tour of California raced through Tahoe. The men’s course for the day began in Lodi and ended in South Lake Tahoe at the base of Heavenly Ski Resort.  How often does a major cycling event happen in your neck of the woods? Even here in South Lake Tahoe it only has […]

Spring at Bachelor Butte

With the season winding down at ski resorts around the country, it was time to head north to one of our favorite Spring destinations. Why is it one of our favorites you might ask. Easy…two main reasons. They always have a deep snowpack and there’s great après once the snow goes “sour.” In our minds, the town of […]

Is it too early?

Every year more and more “experts” come out with snow predictions for the upcoming season. It seems to get earlier and earlier each year. It’s almost become a competition to see who can put out an accurate report the soonest. Well this year we win!  (Just note we are not even remotely close to being […]

Mt. Tallac in May

The alarm clock rang out signaling it was five o’clock in the morning. Even though there wasn’t any fresh snow in sight, there was a sense of excitement like it was a powder day. Our plans this morning were to venture into our backyard. Down the road from the house sits one of the quintessential […]

US Bank Pole Pedal Paddle 2016

Since we are up at Mt. Bachelor checking out the mountain and the city of Bend for upcoming posts.  We thought it would be fitting to highlight a unique event coming up in the region.   The U.S. Bank Pole Pedal Paddle is just around the corner.  Started by Jenny and Dave Sheldon back in 1975 […]

An Evening with Cold Water Brewery & Grill

As the sun set on a warm spring day, the main event for the evening was beginning. Just outside the doors of Cold Water Brewery, the crowd gathered for the five course food and beer pairing. From a distance this occasion seemed normal, but in true South Lake Tahoe fashion, you need to delve in […]