Patchfest 2016

There are two types of events in this world. Those that are corporate to make a profit and those that are community based to celebrate a cause or an occasion. For the latter, there is a sense of energy that is unmatched by a corporate event. It seems to capture a moment in time that […]

Puttin’ in Work – Mammoth Lakes, CA

The weather forecast was calling for thunderstorms. It didn’t seem true since the skies were blue and the sun was shining in Tahoe. It was a perfect spring day. Grabbing the last of the gear we finished packing it in the car. The smell of pine was in the air and the radiating sun felt […]

Not 2 Bad – Premiers Tonight!

Pondering their own legacy, Anthill Films began to think about such serious concepts as what’s better than one of something? The answer…obviously, two of something.  You see, one is less than two and more is better than less most of the time.  Therefore, logic told them two must be better than one. Armed with this undisputable scientific […]

Bike Basics

The transition has begun. For us diehards we are still out playing in the snow, but for most the switch over to summer activities is in full swing.  This is actually one of my favorite things about living in the mountains. During this time of year, there’s a plethora of outdoor fun spanning the gamut! […]