Where to find your local Ski / Snowboard Movie Premier

During the sweltering summer months, thoughts of a powder day begin to creep back into your conscience.  You try to keep yourself busy with activities like mountain biking, hiking, or water skiing but it just doesn’t help.  With the days getting shorter and mornings being a little bit cooler, there is one sign that truly […]

Farmer’s Almanac vs. NOAA – And the medal goes to…

There’s a lot of buzz on what the upcoming winter season will look like based on the Farmer’s Almanac’s & NOAA’s predictions.  From La Niña to La Nada, there are conflicting reports on what exactly will happen this winter.  This raised the question, “How did both of these long range weather predictors do last winter?”  The […]

Are you a cannibal for downhill?

Back in the late 1980’s / early 1990’s, skateboarding had a different meaning. It was a sport for people who felt like outcasts, and the media of the time helped propel it into that caliber with movies like Gleaming the Cube and Thrasher and the video game Skate or Die. This is what most likely […]

The Land of Evergreens & Majestic Peaks

The one question that all skiers & snowboarders ask is “Which ski resort gets the most snowfall in North America?” Normally, people guess Colorado, Lake Tahoe, or even Utah. Shockingly, it isn’t in any of those regions. The king of the hill in terms of snow is Mt. Baker located in the Pacific Northwest. Coincidently, […]

Introducing a new Lake Tahoe Homepage

We read your feedback and heard your pain. You were right. It shouldn’t be difficult to find things like: Places to eat Watering holes to check out Or adventures to have So, we’ve spent the last few weeks designing a way to help improve all of our regional homepages to get what you need when […]

August – a month to cram fun in before school starts

Over the course of summer there are many amazing events.  For some reason August seems to be the month of mega festivals.  It must be that summer is winding down.  That it’s your last chance to get out there and have one more bit of fun before school starts.  Here are just a few of […]