“The important things in life are unsayable,

so let’s just live it out and see what we find behind the curtains in front of the big game we are all playing.” Andreas Fransson 2011 JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson confirmed dead in avalanche… Today is the anniversary of JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson being confirmed dead from an avalanche in Chile.  The pair […]

What are Skier’s seeking? Pleasure!

Crisp air and the changing of the leaves – that’s how you know Fall is upon us and Winter isn’t far behind.  It was the perfect backdrop to stoke the fire of excitement for the upcoming winter. So, how do you get energized for the season when there isn’t snow on the ground yet? By […]

4 Reasons to Start Trail Running

Growing up in the flatlands of the Midwest, the idea of trail running was a foreign concept to me.  How could a person run through a forest & over mountainous terrain without spraining an ankle?  Or better yet, why would you even do this?  Since moving to Lake Tahoe, I’ve been introduced to this wondrous […]

Avoid injury and extend your day on the slopes

It’s finally snowing all across the United States and Canada!  From Colorado to Jackson Hole and even our home peaks surrounding Lake Tahoe, we are beginning to receive the white gold we all so badly want to ski & snowboard.  For most of us, this is a ‘happy’ wake-up call that it’s time to get […]

Oktoberfest ‘Mountain-style’: Top 5 Places to Celebrate

Fall is a time to celebrate the end of summer but even better – the coming of winter!  Images of giant beer steins, large mountain peaks surrounding you and tubas playing in the background bring joy into so many hearts.  It’s almost like the Germans knew they were making a festival that would fit perfectly […]

Get Smart and Be-in-the Know! Where to find your local Avalanche Workshop.

The screaming silence of snow is almost deafening on a winter’s day.  After six or more months off the skis, snowboard, or splitboard, the lure is especially high after watching all the ski/snowboard movies like Fourth Phase (Article about movie premieres found in your region found here).  You’ve been training all Fall for this day.  […]

Now introducing… The Northern Rockies

So many ski resorts in North America today seem like fabricated entertainment complexes.  The food served in these places is either over-priced cafeteria style or something you would have in any big city like NY or LA with no regard to the surrounding region.  Fortunately, the Northern Rockies are home to the wildest and purest […]

What comes AfterForever? Everything.

What is absinthe?  Scientifically, it’s defined as a distilled alcohol made from herbs, spices, and water.  In historical literature, it was described as the “green fairy” due to its color and hallucinogenic properties.  This obscurity and legend fits perfect for the snowboard filming company Absinthe Films.  Each year, they come out with a new film […]

Most Authentic Ski Towns in North America

Europe is home to a lot of storybook ski towns.  There’s nothing like a quiet, serene village nestled snugly in a valley surrounded by majestic peaks.  So, what about North America?  Are there still authentic ski towns left or have the McMansions come in and destroyed the soul of every resort?  Luckily, there are a […]