Opening Day is here for Skiing/Snowboarding in North America

Last weekend a train of storms on what is called the Atmospheric River entered the west coast of North America and places like Relay Peak in Tahoe to Mt Hood in Oregon got hammered with feet of snow.  So, what is an atmospheric river?  It’s a relatively narrow region in the atmosphere responsible for most […]

We’d probably be fine… but I don’t like that “probably”

Waking up to a clear sky just above South Lake Tahoe, the clouds loomed over the peaks to the west.  For the 3rd annual California Avalanche Workshop, the sense of eerie-calmness-before-the-storm was fitting.  It’s easy to build excitement for the winter season, but it’s more challenging to ensure your quest for powder doesn’t impair your […]

What’s your Bucket List?

Last season, Bjorn and Erik Leines from Celtek put out a film highlighting their bucket list. From visiting Jackson Hole to hitting up Baldface lodge, their list seemed to contain something that everyone would have on their own personal list. Have you ever thought of or maybe written one yourself? Well here goes for me… […]

Made By Locals 4 Locals – 2016 Edition

It seems that every year snowboarding gets closer to the culture of surfing.  Surfers are about searching for the most perfect wave while snowboarders chase the snow.  Surfers are less about the final destination and more about the entire experience to get there — Snowboarding is going that route too.  It makes sense that grassroots […]

Tips on getting your gear ready for the Winter

Early October, a chill in the air and with 20+ inches of snow forecast across the Rockies in places like Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado, it’s only a matter of time before your alarm clock is blaring and it’s time to head to the hill for that first day on the slopes.  We’ve talked about prepping […]