The Lure of Powder

A few months ago we posted an article about one of our Brand Ambassadors, Shane, heading up to Mt. Shasta in early October to get some turns.  A surprising amount of questions were raised about how he did it and what the rest of us should do if we wanted to give it a go […]

Made By Locals 4 Locals: Clothing Edition

Buying a snowboard or a pair of skis that were made in North America is a great way to support people that are passionate about the sport AND reduce your carbon footprint.  But what about the stuff you wear?  Are there any companies that make Ski Snowboard outerwear made in America?  The answer is YES!  […]

Choo! Choo! your way to the Slopes

If you haven’t heard, the ski train from the newly renovated station in downtown Denver to Winter Park has started up again… Or as my Uncle used to say “Vin-tah Pahk.”  Images of Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye hopping onto a train in the movie “White Christmas” flash through my mind.  The idea of getting […]

Here and Now – Tahoe Film Tour: The Final Stop

Diamond Peak opened its doors to skiing in 1966 – the same year the TV show Batman debuted, where the average U.S. income was $6,900/year and gas cost $0.32 a gallon.  Prices may have changed, but the one thing that hasn’t is the love for sliding down a mountain in some shape or form.  So, what […]

Stocking stuffer idea for skiers and snowboarders

The clock is ticking towards Christmas and fortunately you still have enough time to find a gift for your fellow skiers or snowboarders.  Having trouble finding a gift?  Looking for the best Christmas gift ideas for Skiers Snowboarders?  Don’t worry… we got you covered.  A DVD!  There is nothing like a movie to get you […]

“Stumptown’s” Ultimate Guide to Skiing & Snowboarding

“Here’s Johnny!”  That’s the first thing that should come to mind if you venture to the Pacific Northwest.  The infamous hotel from the movie The Shining is located at one of the many resorts on Mt Hood.  So, what’s so special in this corner of the country?  First, Mt Hood doesn’t have just one resort […]

4 things to be grateful for this Holiday Season

Here at Local Freshies, we thought it would be cool to join in with the holiday spirit and give thanks…of course there are real world issues that trump (no pun intended) the things below, but here’s our snow specific list. Locally made Skis/Snowboards Up until the early 2000’s, the idea of buying a pair of […]