From the “Historic” to Ski Town USA

Our time in Wallace was nearly over. We experienced deep powder, amazing food and made new friends.  But, there was one last thing to do before leaving town. We are meeting Ryder again this morning at his coffee shop 6th & Cedar for breakfast, which happens to be in the oldest brick building in Wallace. […]

My kind of Groundhog Day – Idaho style

I felt like Bill Murray from Groundhog Day, except it was the kind of day I wanted to live over and over again. Peeking outside, I watch massive flakes continue to fall straight out of the sky at an unbelievable pace. Is it dry? Shockingly yes! And even though it’s warmer today, the snow is […]

Lookout Pass – Easiest Backcountry Access out there

WOOSH. The curtains swing open exposing a white winter wonderland. Massive flakes plummet to the ground at a solid pace. Today is going to be epic backcountry skiing Lookout Pass! Long before our Idaho arrival, we researched the terrain and its snowpack for access. Every season has its share of good and bad days, but […]

On the Lookout for the Snowiest Ski Resort in Idaho

Where is the snowiest ski resort in Idaho? Is it Sun Valley? How about Schweitzer? Nope. It’s a small spot nestled on the border between Montana and Idaho called Lookout Pass. With nearly 400″ of snow annually, our Idaho road trip wouldn’t be complete without releasing our inner powder hounds on their snowy slopes. But, […]

Historic Wallace – Northern Idaho’s Best Kept Secret for Skiing

Exploration. Adventure. Culture. Those are the things I personally look for when skiing & snowboarding. Growing up a Midwest kid, I’ve always looked for mountains and ski-towns that were different and untainted… Special gems that are less corporate and more pure. The town of Wallace along with Lookout Pass Ski Area and Silver Mountain Ski […]

Kirkwood Ski Resort – A Home for Powder Hounds and Steep Addicts

The stuff dreams are made of… A first impression always has a lasting effect on how you envision something or someone. Sitting on a friend’s velvet couch, he begins to describe his trip to Lake Tahoe. As he presses the play button on the remote, the TV goes from black to a picturesque scene, transporting […]

Mt Baker Banked Slalom

Slopestyle and halfpipe are great events but they’ve been over commercialized in recent years. The rider’s freedom of expression has been reduced in exchange for higher ratings and wider general public consumption. There are one-off competitions like Travis Rice’s Supernatural, held at Baldface Lodge, that have pushed the culture forward. But, are there any left […]

What does an 8 lb. baby and Nordic Skiing have in common?

It all started back in 1206. Birkebeiner skiers, named for their protective birch bark leggings, skied through the treacherous mountains and rugged forests of Norway’s Osterdalen valley during the winter of 1206. Sounds pretty normal except that they had a critical mission. The objective: Smuggle the son of King Sverresson and Inga of Vartieg to […]