It’s not all doom and gloom… Communities band together and prevail!

Regardless of your political affiliation, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast – snow or sun – I hope you also consider yourself a steward of the environment. Just like Chief Seattle said, “If you want civilization to flourish, you must think seven generations ahead.” Do you feel overwhelmed & helpless that Big Business will win and […]

The 10 best spring skiing resorts in North America

Last Tuesday marked the spring equinox, officially bringing an end to winter. Does that mean your ski and snowboard season is over? The answer to that question is absolutely not! Think we’re crazy? Don’t know what we’re talking about? Let us prove you wrong. Put up the bathing suits and grab the snow gear. Put that trip to […]

Corn?! What’s that got to do with snow?

By this time of year, the snow begins to form into what is called “corn.” These little beads of snow get their name from the fact that they look like frozen corn kernels. To form this glorious surface, you need multiple sunny, warm days in a row plus cold freezing conditions at night. If this […]

Zig Zag Banked Slalom – Beat the Pros!

Ever wondered how you’d stack up against some of the biggest pros out there? Sure, you can try to qualify for the Legendary Banked Slalom at Mt. Baker, but unless you win the lottery or are a winner at another Banked Slalom, there’s a slim chance you’ll get that opportunity. Don’t worry. That’s where the […]

5 Splitboard Festivals (Splitfests) you should check out!

This weekend is the upcoming Mt Baker Splitfest! It got us thinking “What are some of the best dedicated splitboarding events out there?” It’s the perfect time of year to start planning your backcountry adventures for next season so why not hit up one of these events? Here are the top 5 Local Freshies’® picks […]

The Perfect Storm allows access to Trimmer Peak

Just walking around town, there are several peaks you can see right from South Lake Tahoe. Since last summer though, one peak in particular always catches my eye. Mt. Tallac might be the most iconic and Monument Peak at Heavenly is an easy summit to ride, but Trimmer Peak’s two long avalanche scars, branded into the […]

Tamarack’s Untracked Powder @ 10:30 am? Yes, Please!

What exactly is a Tamarack and why name a ski resort after one? That’s the first thing I thought when learning about Tamarack Ski Resort. With a little research, the Tamarack is quite interesting in that it looks like a gnarly evergreen-like tree with needles and cones but then drops its needles in the winter! […]

Knee Deep Powder at Brundage Ski Resort

Yesterday’s Burgdorf Hot Springs adventure was amazing, but a ski trip isn’t a ski trip unless you actually go skiing. Today, our plan is simple. Brundage is our destination. Making sure we get first chair, a quick bite at THE Local’s spot is the perfect idea. We asked around town to see where people snag […]

Snowmobiling into the wilderness for a Hot Springs getaway

Why travel? Is it to leave your daily stresses behind? Spend time with family or friends? Party? For us, it’s about trying things that we wouldn’t experience at home. Whether to enjoy food we can’t find anywhere else or to escape the crowds, today we’ll be checking off lots of ideas from our list! To […]