Biggest mountain sports event of the year

Aspen may hold the Winter X Games, but Vail has the largest summer celebration of outdoor adventure sports and mountain living. What started in 2002 as the TEVA Mountain Games with only 500 athletes and 12,000 spectators has now ballooned (and re-branded as the GoPro Mountain Games) to over 3,300 competitors with over 67,000 spectators! […]

One more powder day… in MAY!

The seven foot walls of snow in front of the house are long gone. They’re now replaced by lush green grass and adventures of mountain biking and spring corn huntin’ in the alpine. The idea of getting one more run of powder in mid-May is tempting to consider, but could it really happen? We’ve had […]

Snowiest resort in Idaho … just doubled in size!

This winter we got a chance to visit Idaho. The region is filled with great snow, amazing access to backcountry and awesome food. Two of the many places we visited were the Historic Town of Wallace and a ski area called Lookout Pass. With its geography and location, Lookout Pass gets the designation of receiving […]

Plus Skateboards – Keep it Positive and Be Yourself

When describing why beer or pizza tastes so good, a lot of people say it’s because of that certain place on a map where it’s made. The minerals in the water and the humidity in the air all add to the special flavor and unique characteristics. But, what about a place? Can a location also […]

Is the snow still good in June?

For those that didn’t hear Mammoth Mountain just announced that they will be open until July 4th or longer for the 2016-17 season. Earlier Squaw Valley reported they would have skiing and riding through August as well!  The question that comes up immediately “is snow even good this late in the season?” Answer…absolutely! It’s pretty much a […]

South Lake Brewing – Newest Edition to South Lake Tahoe

Over the past year, there’s been an explosion of breweries opening in South Lake Tahoe. From Sidellis to Cold Water Brewery and Tahoe Ale Worx, the newest on our radar is South Lake Brewing Company. For a city of 20,000 people (yet quite popular as a destination spot), is that too many? Heck no! Each […]

Are you a snow addict?

For those of us rightly named ‘snow-addicts’, the warm weather of summer can lead to depression, anger, and frustration. The idea of giving up skiing or riding is sometimes just too painful to bear. Is there a way to cure these doldrums? Absolutely! Of course, you could head to South America and chase the powder […]