4 Amazing Mountain Towns to see Fireworks for Fourth of July

Growing up in Chicago, we would take public transit and head down to the Loop to watch the fireworks display. It was almost like a rite of passage as a teenager. Last year, we had the opportunity to check out Lake Tahoe’s festivities, and I have to admit… Riding your bike to the lake with […]

Best Trail Running Races in the US

What’s the best part of mountain sports? Compared to mainstream activities like basketball or football, the opportunity to participate with professionals in an event is MUCH higher. Instead of being in the stands, you’re more likely to be in the race itself standing next to an expert. This makes it more like a brother/sisterhood! Everyone […]

3 Types of Grassroots Mountain Bike Adventures

A few weeks back, I met with a good friend for coffee at one of the local cafes in South Lake Tahoe. During the conversation, she brought up the idea that 3 types of fun exist in the outdoor realm. The more time you spend in the mountains, the more you drift to what we […]

No not “Glamping”

Camping! The perfect activity to get away from it all. An opportunity to become one with Mother Nature and enjoy the best she has to offer. It’s an activity that allows me to clear my head and leave the daily grind behind. Most of you have at least gone camping once or twice. Generally, the […]

Lift accessed Camping?!?

Here at Local Freshies® we’re always on the lookout for adventures that are unique, refreshing and most of all, a downright good time. In past articles, we’ve ran the full gambit of exciting adventures such as: Heli-assisted Mountain Biking Ultimate Tests in Human Endurance Extreme Kayaking Cat Skiing … and grass roots events like the […]

An Old Gaucho’s tale… comes to South Lake Tahoe

Local Freshies® in association with South Lake Brewing announces the Lake Tahoe premiere of the film Finding Fontinalis. The tour is also a fundraiser for Cal Trout. With the United States’ decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, it’s up to us as a community to pick up the slack and help save […]

To be or not to be Tubeless that is the question!

After our realization that we were mountain biking without an emergency kit for those unexpected situations out on the trail, we stopped by our local bike shop, Shoreline of Tahoe, to get a few tips on what to bring while mountain biking. Last week, we highlighted what the experts at Shoreline suggested to carry. During […]

Sweaty all nighter sound fun?

Today marks the 13th annual running of an event like no other. 3,000 contestants will begin at Wingfield Park in Reno, NV and run 36 legs with 22 historical points of interest covering 178 miles, all the while being sleep deprived and crammed into a tiny vehicle for two days! Sound like your idea of […]

10 things you should bring when mountain biking

So there we were… staring at Jaime’s mountain bike. Her pedal snapped off the crank and we were tool-less, gear-less and totally out of luck. Fortunately, this only happened a 1/2 mile from the house but it really knocked some sense into us. We suddenly realized mountain biking is just like backcountry skiing. You need […]