Get psycho for Psicobloc! 2017 Psicobloc Masters is happening now!

When we first heard the term “Psicobloc”, images of some kind of rap group or cell block in a maximum security prison came to mind. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Started in the beautiful coastal region of Majorca Spain & coined by Miquel Riera, it translates into “Psycho Bouldering.” Hanging 50-70 feet from […]

Surfs up! In the mountains that is…

Over the past decade or so, surfing has transitioned from the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific into the interior, deep in the mountains. How come? First thing, snowboarding is closely related to the lifestyle of surfing. Both cultures chase storms to find the best “wave”. So, it was only a matter of time before […]

The Man behind June Lake Brewing… and of course, Amazing Beer!

Long ago, nearly all of the Sierra Nevada mountain range was home to mining towns. On the flip side, June Lake attracted a different sort of prospector. It appealed to fishermen, hikers and hunters for its abundance of wildlife and scenery. As you pull onto the June Lake loop, you are immediately in awe at […]

The best destinations for Off Roading at a Ski-town near you

Growing up, I vividly remember watching Mad Max and seeing these giant hulking cars & trucks driving over sand, rocks and boulders without any issue. The concept of a vehicle driving off road into the wilderness was such a foreign concept being surrounded by an urban jungle. Years later, I was given the opportunity to […]

One more way to celebrate July 4th – Ski / snowboard Mt Bachelor!

For the Pacific Northwest, the 2016-17 ski / snowboard season is one for the record books. This especially holds true at our favorite spring skiing locale: Mt Bachelor. Sure, both Mammoth Mountain and Squaw Valley are open, but with the town of Bend filled with dozens of award winning breweries AND it being only the […]