5 Best Youth Hostels Near Ski Resorts

Does anyone remember the horror movie “Hostel”? This deep/dark hotel where its victims get slaughtered couldn’t be further from reality. In fact, hostels of today are comfy, a great way to save money, and most of all meet new friends! So, here are five youth hostels near ski resorts that are a treat instead of […]

Horses, Cowboys, & Skiing oh my

Whisps of steam come out of his nose and mouth. His muscles twitch in excitement, ready for the start of the race. With a strong kick in the ribs, they’re off! The cowboy hat flies off the rider as man, horse, and skier rush through the course tackling obstacles and turns at lightning speed. What […]

Bragging Rights – 5 Grassroots Ski events you should know about

There’s nothing wrong with holding a contest, but what’s the reason for doing it? Is it for money or elevating a person to stardom? Is it for local bragging rights or a chance to bring the community and people together? Like anything, it comes down to the motivation. Here’s 5 underground ski events that do […]

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Skiers and Snowboarders

Christmas is only a few days away…panic is starting to set in, because you still haven’t found a gift for a fellow rider or skier. You’re looking for something special, something different and memorable. Well, if you still can’t figure out what to get, here are 5 gift ideas that will support the local shops […]

How Does the 2017-2018 Season Snowfall Compare to date?

While riding the chairlifts, there’s been a lot of talk that “last winter started this slow” while others say “we were in waist deep pow.” Who’s right? Instead of trying to remember all the details, why not look at some historical data? Of course, any data you get mid-season isn’t going to be perfect but […]

6 Grassroots Snowboard Contests

Over the past two decades, competitions that were raw and unadulterated have migrated onto the global stage. Events like the US Open & X Games are huge blockbuster shows that are fun, but they’ve lost the luster that made them an experience to be had in person. So, are there any grassroots snowboard contests still […]

Have you heard of Powder Surfing?

Depending on who you ask, some call it ‘powder surfing’, others label it ‘noboarding’ and we’ve even heard ‘powder surfboarding’. Whatever you call it, the concept is simple: snowboarding on a board designed to be ridden without bindings. Inspired by skateboarding & surfing, it gives you the opportunity to ride the snow like a frozen […]

Who puts the “king” in snowmaking?

With ski areas starting to open all across North America, early season is upon us. We all hope as skiers and snowboarders that cold storms hit our home resort but that’s more the exception than the norm. If you have the cash, a trip to one of the resorts we talked about in our best […]