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Our goal at Local Freshies is to make people feel like they have a local connection in every ski-town they visit, which will give them an opportunity to experience what locals get to enjoy every day! When designing our logo we tried to symbolize our favorite elements and stay true to the Local Freshies theme.

The Cabin – Home away from home.

Nothing symbolizes comfort like a cozy cabin in the mountains. The cabin with its smoking chimney and glowing windows makes you feel at home. There’s no place better to be after a long day outdoors in the mountains.

The Mountains – A place to experience new adventures and to relax.

The mountains are a getaway. While there, you can truly let go and escape from the stressors of everyday life. The sun setting behind it doesn’t represent the end of the day, but rather another beginning. The second half of the days brings a chance to make new memories and explore local spots.

The Snowflakes – A chance for more…

What could possibly make time in the mountains more exciting. Fresh powder! Whether sitting inside watching through the window or outside experiencing it first hand. Snow always makes any day better!

Who is Local Freshies?


Local Freshies is a group of guys that love snow, the mountains and the funky local communities that exist around every ski area.  We want to give everyone that visits the mountains an opportunity to at least experience what locals get to cherish every day and help promote the local places to eat, drink, and visit in these towns.

Hey! I’m Alex Silgalis, your ‘freestyle’ journalist.

Born and raised as a flat lander in Chicagoland the love of snow over-reaching my love for the city of Chicago I would spend my summers as a teenager working to save up for a season pass to a “local” hill along with trips where ever IAlex could possibly go.  Years later, I got the opportunity to ride any given mountain on any given weekend to follow the snow where ever it was falling.  In my travels, I have found out that no matter how big the vertical or small the town every ski town seems to still have something unique but it is up to all of us to keep these places unique by communicating what are the great things that are available to us in these towns.


What up?  I am Shane Ricketts, the hard charging Chief of Operations.

030Growing up a Hoosier didn’t provide many opportunities to hit the “local” hill for a couple laps.  It did provide plenty of time to explore and develop a love for the outdoors.  During the summers as soon as chores were finished priority became to head out into the woods to explore someplace I had never been before.  When winter hit, the normal condition were cold and icey.  Once mother nature cooperated and provided a couple inches of the white stuff we raced to grab the sleds.  Being a daredevil, I built jumps which usually ended up sending my sister in the house crying.  Not me, I was always looking to go bigger!  I always enjoyed the snow.  In my teens, I made my first trip to Paoli Peaks to give snowboarding a shot.  I would need several return trips to fully grasp all the fundamentals.  Once I had it, I decided to go a little bigger. I joined some buddies on their annual Colorado ski trip. Off to Steamboat Springs.  It wasTamarack Peak - Hourglass Bowl 2 the time of my life!  After that trip I knew skiing and snowboarding would be an adventure I would enjoy forever.  Fast forward to the present.  Currently, home sits on the east side of the Sierra Nevadas, where my passion for snow continues to burn strong till this day.  Summer is spent on daily hikes, camping, swimming and conditioning.  Winter consists of regular snow dancing sessions with as many days as possible spent on the slopes. Whether it’s up to the one of the local resorts or off the beaten path in the backcountry it’s all good!  All days spent playing in the snow, having food and drinks or entertainment with friends are good days!

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thank you Shane for the Sierra free ride day passes you gave my mom Darla Harvey. We had a great time and I really appreciate it and love the website!! Thanks again hope to see you on the slopes.

    1. Thanks Jordan for the support and awesome that you got to spend a day hitting the slopes. Hope you have an awesome season and made a few pow slashes for us at Local Freshies.

  2. This is the real deal. These two guys; Shane and Alex are working it hard and bringing the true Local Freshies to life. Cold Water Brewery is so lucky to know and privilege to work with these guys. Their energy and commitment to Tahoe and mountain living is epic. They walk in the door and you can feel their energy radiating from them as they surely just ripped down the slopes or busted through morning freshies. Cheers to you guys continue doing the work and telling the world about Tahoe!

  3. Looking ahead for some local adventures this season visiting Shane, accompanying with his sister all the way from his Homeland in Hoosierland, Indiana. Hoping to cut some fresh trails in some powder, and visit some local sites of adventure. I’ve been reading local freshies for around two years now and have expressed my enthusiasm many times on Facebook and via phone messages of my extreme desire to visit this fabulous adventure haven in the Sierra Mountains near Reno.

  4. You left out Praxis Skis in North Lake Tahoe. They have been making skis for years. Too bad you left them out Keith and employees are great. Shame on you.

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