Best Region For Deep Snowpack & Consistent Snowfall

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There are a lot of places where the snow stacks up deep or it’s incredibly dry.  The combination of a deep snowpack that is dry in addition to storms that provide consistent snowfall is a VERY rare occurrence.  Is there such a fantasy land where this happens?  The answer is yes… and that is the Powder Highway.  Our latest upgrade is the Powder Highway section.


Why Should You Check Out The Powder Highway

powder-highway-mapFor skiers and snowboarders, there is a constant search for bigger mountains and deeper snow.  In the US, folks living on the East Coast or in the Midwest want to travel westward and explore Colorado and Utah.  Some stop there but others look further trying to find the next best place.  This next best place in North America is the Powder Highway.  Known as the birthplace of heli-skiing, this is where the crowds disappear and the Bugaboo, Purcell, Kootenay, Monashee, and Selkirk ranges exist.  The Powder Highway, located in southeastern British Columbia, isn’t one road but a massive loop that is approximately 700 miles long.

Ultimate Guides to Revelstoke and Nelson

This part of Canada is home to a great concentration of ski-towns.  Our new Powder Highway homepage begins with two ultimate guides – the first for Revelstoke and the second for Nelson.  These guides provide information from places to eat, things to do, and resorts to ski at.


From Cat Skiing To Ice Hockey & Everything In-Between

powder-highway-nelson-mapBesides an amazing concentration of resorts, there is a ton to do everywhere you go.  From relaxing your body in hot springs – to watching the purest form of ice hockey – to going cat skiing, there are so many options.  In each handbook, we provide a map of where many of these places are in the region.  So, instead of heading to the same resorts each season, create a NEW adventure and head north to the Powder Highway!

Where Are All The Other Posts?

Finally, if you’re looking for one of our posts that aren’t highlighted in the above sections, don’t worry.  We’ve made sure that you can still click on the pic and see all the posts related to the Powder Highway.

As we said before, our goal is to make everything easier for you to find.  If there is something we’re missing or if there’s something you want us to add, please let us know.  And of course, don’t forget why… because we want you to ‘Be a Local Wherever You Go!’

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