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Academy of Skiing Scot Chrisman powder day backcountry Skiing deep pow - Scot Chrisman - Image taken by: Dave Kozlowski

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Fall is a great time for you to prepare your mind, body and soul for the upcoming ski & snowboard season. We stoked the fire of excitement by talking about the new ski & snowboard films coming out and where they’re premiering. From there, we delved into the snow and avalanche workshops happening across the U.S. This week, we’re focusing on what might be the most important topic of all: physical preparation.

Skiing has a ton of health benefits but you can’t expect it to be your primary mode of exercise. That’s a recipe for disaster. You need to prepare! Doing things like trail running or mountain biking is great but having a workout routine specific to the sport of snow is crucial. Our friend Scot at the Academy of Skiing does just that. But before we even go into the Academy of Skiing, let’s talk a little about why you should listen to Scot.

Who is Scot Chrisman

Scot Chrisman Academy of Skiing
Scot Chrisman – Image courtesy – Academy of Skiing

Scot Chrisman has been doing the pro ski life for quite a while. He started ski racing at the age of 6 in Colorado and pursued the sport fully by moving to Salt Lake City in 2006 to join the Rowmark Ski Academy. At 17, he won the famous Laura Flood Memorial in Sun Valley, Idaho. From there he took a break from competitive skiing until he joined the Freeride World Tour for nearly four years, winning several top 10 events and pushing himself to the limits. Then… catastrophe.

How Academy of Skiing came to be

Lying in the hospital with a broken back, Scot realized he was being selfish. He was living just for himself and only going after ‘self-fulfilling’ goals. He wanted to find a way to inspire people to get into the mountains and at the same time, transfer all that he had learned. But how? This is where the idea for the Academy of Skiing was born. He had an entire team of people surrounding him from personal trainers, to sports psychologists and even dieticians. Why not take all that knowledge and share it with everyone?

Routine proven to work

Academy of Skiing Scot Chrisman Ginny Turner
Ginny Turner – the genius trainer behind the Academy of Skiing workout routines – Image courtesy – Academy of Skiing

During his back rehabilitation, Scot and his trainer decided to go a very different route and build a workout that didn’t need weights and instead used body weight as resistance. Something interesting happened… Scot noticed the routine made a HUGE impact for him in the mountains, especially with his endurance.

Academy of Skiing – Share what we learned

Expanding on this footprint, Scot’s trainer helped create 24 workouts that anyone can do. Together, they refined it so you could do it anywhere along with adding beginner workouts to build up to the expert level. By only doing 12  16 workouts/month, you’ll see a HUGE difference and be a better skier.

Not just a workout routine but a gateway to more skiing enjoyment

Academy of Skiing Scot Chrisman powder day backcountry
Skiing deep pow – Scot Chrisman – Image taken by: Dave Kozlowski

The goal of Academy of Skiing is to make it easier for people to fall in love with the sport of skiing and everything that goes along with it. Skiing is one of the few sports that really embraces not just the mountains but the entire surrounding environment. Sitting on a chairlift and taking in your surroundings… you will naturally become an environmentalist and lover of the outdoors.

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