Christmas Shredfest

The yuletide is here. For most this is a time of celebration, a time to relax and enjoy the company of our loved ones. Generally, images of Christmas bring to mind being cozy and comfy indoors surrounded by presents, good food and good cheer. Sounds really nice doesn’t it…almost like the picturesque celebration for the […]

What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the ski season. It’s an opportunity to eat lots of good food and to take a moment to reflect on the things you are grateful for. Here, at Local Freshies, we thought it would be cool to join in the holiday spirit and give thanks…of course there are real world […]

“Opening Day”

for the 2015 – 2016 snow season starts now! No matter how good or bad the past season was, opening day means a clean slate. It brings a new sense of hope that this might be the year. With talks of a “Godzilla” El Nino, this could be the season talked about for years to […]

A story of David and Goliath

Stepping out the door its pitch-black out and so cold that it could shatter glass. In the driveway is a green Chrysler minivan. From the tailpipe a cloud of vapor spews out surrounding the vehicle. It’s packed full with rambunctious teenagers. The door swings open and music can be heard blaring out of the car. […]

Made by Locals for Locals – Part 1

When talking about climate change, there is a focus on how much air pollution cars make, but for some reason ocean vessels stay out of the spotlight. Ocean transportation accounts for 90% of global trade and yet it doesn’t have any air polluting restrictions! This should be a cause of concern for all of us.  […]

Back to school…Part 4

  Destruction! Like all things in nature snow can be beautiful or it can be a dangerous recipe that could kill you.  In Part 3 of the Back to School series, we covered the types of avalanches and how they are classified. For the final chapter we will take a closer look at avalanche size, the type […]

The best kept secret for powder hounds!

Mount Bohemia Driving north on US Highway 41 during the winter through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, your eyes begin to squint trying to see the first random flakes falling from the sky. As quickly as the first snowflake appeared, suddenly the heavens release and the snow begins to fall with a vigor. The car’s […]

No Turning Back – The Return of Warren Miller

As the snow begins to fly around the country the feeling of winter is in the air.  It arrives right about this time each year…another thing that occurs like clockwork each snow season is the release of the annual Warren Miller ski film! This will mark the 65th installment of this classic series.  It all began […]