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From skiing at Mt. Bachelor, kayaking or standup paddle boarding the Deschutes River, mountain biking, hiking or running on the trails, this little spot known as Bend has it all. There’s pretty much every outdoor activity you could think of and it’s all within thirty minutes of town. Luckily for us we’ve been fortunate enough to discover the goodness Bend has to offer and we enjoy it so much, it has become our annual spring getaway!

Seeing that the weather the first day would be a little less than ideal for snowboarding, our first day in Bend was a chill one. Normally, we head straight to the mountain, but today was a day to relax and to check out some spots around the city. We decided to go to the famous brunch spot… the Victorian Café.

Bend Statues

Brunch and Bloody Mary’s

Bend Victorian Cafe Door

Situated at one of the roundabouts you pass on your way to Mt. Bachelor, this restaurant is a high quality refueling stop before heading out on an adventure. Located in a quaint house, which was converted into a restaurant, there’s a comfort like being at home. The café has been in business for over thirty years. That goes to show their formula is working. As we were seated Sarah, our server, guided us on what we should order. Known for their Benedict, we ordered a couple of different variations. Since it was brunch we of course had to go with an alcoholic beverage to wash down this delicious food! Bend Victorian Cafe Bloody Mary 2Looking at the menu, we decided to try one of the variations of Bloody Mary they offer. The choices were pepper, pickle and regular. Since we couldn’t decide which sounded the best the bartender made us a hybrid! It was a perfect combination that was just spicy enough to taste, but it didn’t overpower the flavor. The Cajun Spice on the rim of the glass was a great accent to the overall flavor. The eggs benedicts arrived and the portions were large. First we shared the SW Eggs Benedict. It was exactly what you’d expect from a high quality place like this. The chipotle sauce and spicy sausage really came through and delivered the heat. Together the dish was spicy and tangy. Next, we dug into the Two of Hearts Eggs Benedict. This variation was a combination of crab and lobster that paired really well. The flavor is beyond words.  Now the award for best breakfast thirteen years running makes complete sense. After a filling brunch we hoped onto our bike cruisers and headed over to our favorite spot in Bend.

Boards and Brews

Aspect Boards n Brews Interior 2Just down the road we made our way to Aspect Boards and Brews. Our boy Elliott was working, so we had to say hello and grab a pint. It amazed me to find out that their selection of brews had expanded. They have many of the local brews on draft and Montucky in cans! The selection was amazing. It ranged from the classics like Good Life’s; Sweet As Pale Ale to the Boneyard; RPM IPA. Typically, I’m not a fan of IPA’s, but with a little cajoling he had me try the Boneyard. He didn’t steer me wrong. Surprisingly it was tasty. Now I understand why it’s becoming the staple of Bend. It has the crispness of an IPA, but not over the top hoppy.

Talking a little shop we come to find out that Aspect Boards n Brews - Shred Townthey are the only Never Summer distributor in the region. People plan their trips to visit Bend to buy their deck there. It was nice to hear that business was good. After a few hours had past, we began to get hungry. Fortunately, Aspect is situated close to some food trucks. We picked Shred Town. This place has really amazing food and affordable too. The pineapple carnitas sandwich was amazing. Normally, I’m not a big fan of pineapple on a sandwich, but it made sense with the pork. The sweet combined with the saltiness of the meat worked.

From there it was time to call it a day and prep for tomorrow’s adventure to Mt. Bachelor.

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