Donating Awesome Fun For Youth – Tahoe Style

When you are born you see and hear the world without any emotional baggage or opinions. It’s one of the rare moments in life when you truly see the world with and unfiltered view. Unfortunately, this sheltered period is very short. It’s even shorter in underprivileged youth. This segment of the population is forced to grow up quick in order to survive.

Daffy Skateboards - Helping Underprivileged Youth find an outlet

Daffy Skateboards – Helping Underprivileged Youth find an outlet

In order to deal with the stressors of their everyday life, these kids need to know that there are outlets to release any anger, for emotional development and to express creativity. That’s why locally we are thankful for D.A.F.F.Y. Skateboards. Started by Tyler Brown and Meria Accorinti it stands for Donating Awesome Fun For Youth. Each skateboard they sell means they in-turn donate one to a youth in need. This business exudes positivity and the story of the founding provides hope for the future.

How D.A.F.F.Y. Skateboards began

Daffy_Skateboards2bBoth Meria and Tyler were working at the Keys Café when the owner heard them talking about trying to do something positive for the kids. The only problem…they had no idea how to get started. Luckily, after his guidance and coaching they founded Daffy skateboards. He even believed in their idea and cause so much he contributed by purchasing them a t-shirt screening press along with establishing a Tax ID to help D.A.F.F.Y. get started. It was then that the idea became a reality.

How Skateboarding saved my Life

Meria Accorinti in her mobile office

Meria Accorinti in her mobile office

I had the privilege of conducting a quick phone interview with Meria, and was able to get the scoop on the organization. It was definitely refreshing and by the end of the conversation I knew that this world was going to be a better place because of her and Tyler’s work. At fourteen years of age she was introduced to skateboarding in upstate New York. Through her trials and tribulations of being a teenager, she lost focus on skateboarding and fell into the party life. At eighteen she went sober and skateboarding at that time became the outlet she needed spiritually when the world’s problems were too much for her. This passion was then transformed into a sponsorship and she realized that it was her responsibility to spread the good word of skateboarding and positivity as a means to free yourself from your surroundings.

Daffy Rail Jam – A Fundraiser for the Spring Tour

Daffy_Skateboards3So, fast forward a few years. Now that D.A.F.F.Y. is up and running, they are looking to raise money for the cause. This is a true community event that will be exciting and heart warming at the same time. The event…the Daffy Rail Jam! It will be held this Saturday January 30th. All proceeds of this event will go to fundraising for their spring tour. The tour will consist of visiting Boys & Girl Clubs along with other YMCA youth oriented organizations to provide underprivileged kids a fully setup skateboard that they normally wouldn’t be able to afford it. Along with donating a skateboard they will also provide a 4-5 hour class to show the kids the basics of skating such as:

  • Park etiquette
  • Basic tricks
  • How to setup a skateboard
  • Skills to go out and skate
  • Most of all… to have fun!

Event Details:



When: Saturday, January 30th. Starts at 5:00 pm; Sign-up for Comp is 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Where: Keys Café 2279 Lake Tahoe Blvd #2, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

How Much: FREE to attend; $15 per person to compete in rail jam.

Details: The event will feature a rail jam competition for skiers and snowboarders of all ages; Good times to be had. Most of all, the money raised to help underprivileged youth an opportunity to learn how to Skate!

So, let’s help give these kids in our community their first leg up in this world by coming to the event and providing whatever support you can. So, come on out Saturday and show some love. As always we will be on scene to provide event coverage for those who can’t make it.  If you are one of those who can’t, but still want to get involved go here to contribute.

This is going to be a blast!

Just like the Murs’ song below says skating is a great way to release all the tension (Parental Advisory – explicit lyrics):

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