Enduro – The Next Chapter In Mountain Biking

Enduro World Series Snowmass Bike Park Colorado Enduro World Series Stop at Snowmass Bike Park - Photo by: Tiffany Cook - Image appears Courtesy: Aspen Snowmass

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Downhill mountain biking requires technical skills to navigate a steep course on very rough terrain, while cross-country cycling is based on applying athletic endurance to ride a singletrack path through a forest. What if you could take both of these abilities and test them in ONE race? That’s where the Enduro mtb race known as the Enduro World Series comes in.


What’s Enduro & How Does it Work?

Enduro World Series Burke Mountain Victory Hill Mountain Biking East Coast
Clif Enduro East: Burke Mountain and Victory Hill – Image Appears Courtesy: Maxxis Eastern States Cup – Pinkbike

Enduro is a combination of the downhill chaos plus the vigor of uphill/cross-country biking. To add another layer of complexity, the downhill section is timed while the uphill section is not. That doesn’t mean taking a leisure cruise to the summit though. The problem is you only have a certain amount of time to get to the top of the next downhill section. So, now that you’ve got the basics, the next challenge awaits… and that is choosing the right bike for the competition.

Choosing the Right Bike

Enduro World Series Snowmass Bike Park Colorado
Enduro World Series Stop at Snowmass Bike Park – Photo by: Matt Power – Image appears Courtesy: Aspen Snowmass

To do this, each competitor must understand the topography of the course. If the route contains rougher terrain and you choose a cross-country mountain bike, you will most likely break down on the downhill segment. On the other hand, choosing a downhill bike when there is a lot of uphill sections means you will be cursing the heavens on how tough it is and may not even complete it within the allotted time. All of this translates to having a hybrid bike that makes it easy to climb, but at the same time can take the beating of the downhill sections.


The Origin of Enduro

The next question that comes up is where did this sport come from? The motorized version started way back in 1913 from the ISDT race in England. The International Six Day Trial covers over 700 miles and is an off road test of rider skill and motorcycle reliability. Based on this, the Enduro mountain biking concept was born in France in 2003. The popularity of this event has exploded in Europe and it’s just now gaining momentum across the pond in the US and Canada.

Enduro World Series 2024 Edition

In 2012, the Enduro Mountain Biking Association was created. Their goal was to develop the sustainable growth of Enduro racing alongside its membership, including riders, teams, industry, and organizers. In 2013, they joined together seven existing large events across four countries and two sides of the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in the flagship Enduro World Series. These major tour stops continue to evolve with one in Canada and another in the United States.

Mt Van Hoevenberg


September 27th – 29th 2024


Lake Placid, United States


Lake Placid will make its debut on the international mountain biking stage when it welcomes a round of the UCI Cross-country World Cup for the first time, which will feature both cross-country Olympic and short track racing.




October 4th– 6th 2024




The Downhill and Cross-country tracks are amongst mountain bike racing’s most revered monuments and have played host to some of its biggest moments over the years. As bike technology and rider skill levels continue to progress, there remain few tests tougher than found in MSA.


Enduro World Cup Series Qualifier

As you’d expect, to get into the “World Series” of Enduro you need to prove yourself. To help upcoming talent get into this prestigious event, they’ve created a continental series that feeds into the recent Global points structure. For North America, there is only one stop that is a qualifier in 2024.

Gravity MTB National Championships


July 31st – August 4th 2024


Ride Rock Creek, NC


Southeast’s newest shuttle access mountain bike park is hosting USA Cycling Gravity MTB National Championships. This will be the second year the scenic county will host this prestigious national event, and they couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome back over 500 talented athletes to their trails as they compete for national titles.

Other Enduro Events

mountain biker tackling slopes at Silver Mountain Resort as part of the North America Enduro Cup
Image appears courtesy: Silver Mountain Resort

While these aren’t qualifiers for the Enduro World Series, they are some of the best venues to watch the pros take on terrain in North America. Each of these events aren’t just about the racing either. They provide a festive atmosphere to give even spectators an amazing experience.


North American Enduro Cup


June 15th & 16th 2024


Kellogg, ID


After six years of building and growing, the NAEC is the pinnacle of enduro in North America. That’s a lofty claim, but we can back it up. While it’s no longer an EWS qualifier, it’s got a $12,000 pro purse! It’s a stand-alone, two day race that’s the highest-attended enduro race in North America.

They’ll have fresh, raw track sections, and a number of new trails that are open only for this event and are outside the normal bike park boundaries. That’s what enduro racing is all about, right? Oh, and with the 3,400′ (1040m) of vertical on tap at Silver Mountain Bike Park, it’s easy to see why the NAEC has become the highest-attended enduro in North America. It’s that intangible sense of “woah” that the NAEC delivers. They’ve got all that and more in store for 2024.


Marin Wildside Enduro


September 21st – 22nd 2024


Alma, QC


Back in 2018, the small mountain resort of Mont Lac-Vert took upon itself to create a world-class enduro destination. Despite its small size, the mountain’s trail building team created an extensive network of trails crossing its territory. Fast, technical and well-built trails will delight you in a festive atmosphere at the final stop of the Marin Wildside Enduro. This mountain, former host of the DH races of the Quebec Cup, will give you an experience you won’t forget.


California Enduro Series – Northstar

CES California Enduro Series Enduro World Series 2018
2017 Northstar Enduro Pro Men champion Marco Osborne. Photo by: Called To Creation – Image appears courtesy – California Enduro Series


August 17th & 18th 2024


Truckee, California


If you’re anywhere near Lake Tahoe, don’t miss out on the California stop of the Enduro World Series. Nestled high in the Sierra Nevada range, it offers the best of the best a taste of what Northern California riding is all about. This stage is bound to be a hit with riders and fans alike.

Canadian National Enduro Championships

Image appears courtesy: Sun Peaks Resort


September 20th – Septmber 22nd 2024


Sun Peaks, BC


The final round of the Canadian Enduro League and the Canadian National Enduro Championship. Although it was originally planned to be Canada’s sanctioned event as a UCI qualifier, for this year it’s about the revelry instead. All the top dogs in Canada come to world-renown Sun Peaks to test their mettle on what is considered one of the best courses in the world. Inside the village expect a festive atmosphere featuring events like an Air DH, Slalom’s, Uphill Climb challenges, and lots of prizes.

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