Foam Fest 2014

From the Biltmore to the Rec Center Foam Fest has done it all

At the base of KT-22 a reunion before the big snows show up.

At the base of KT-22 a reunion before the big snows show up.


After over 25 years, the Foam Fest has been celebrated everywhere along the North Shore of Lake Tahoe from the Tahoe Biltmore to the Truckee Community Recreation Center and this year it was at the base of the infamous KT-22 chairlift at Squaw Valley. Normally, a little later in the fall this year it was more of a pre-season welcoming similar to the first day of school. People that hadn’t seen each other since last year were beginning to show up and began prepping for hopefully an epic Tahoe winter that we haven’t seen in over 3 seasons. Music provided by Hot Buttered Rum, the beer and the cause set the stage for another successful Foam Fest!

The reason for the gathering…If I can do this I can do anything!

Disabled Sports USA Far West is an organization founded in 1967 Jim Winthers.  The mission, to improve the lives of wounded warriors, youth and adults with disabilities by providing sports and recreation opportunities. Each year through their nationwide network, they serve over 60,000 youth, wounded warriors and adults annually, through a nationwide network of over 100 community-based chapters in 37 states nationwide in over 30 different sports. Some sports included are alpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, kayaking, water skiing, sailing, scuba, surfing, rafting, outrigger canoeing, fishing, hiking, golf, athletics, archery, cycling, running/wheeling, rock climbing, equestrian and others.

Even if you weren’t able to contribute by attending the event you can still HELP!

A few of the unique/local beers that were at Foam Fest 2014:

For those that unfortunately missed it here are just a few of the over 50 beers that were able to be sampled.

Tahoe Mountain Brewing – French Pils

Flavor Profile: A unique saison that starts sweet like a normal saison but end crisp like a pilsner. A refreshing beer when it is hot out and you just want something that is light and tasty.

Brewery Overview: Tahoe Mountain Brewery is a local Tahoe brewer and are just starting to get their legs underneath them, but they are coming on strong. Their beers don’t disappoint and if you are in Truckee stop by their sampling room or if you are in Tahoe City drop by their restaurant and pub.

Hangar 24 — Orange Wheat

Flavor Profile: A nice light wheat beer that smashes your tastes buds with the flavor of orange and a tinge of hoppiness.

Brewery Overview: Hangar 24, A unique story and a great beer  A brewery based in southern California their beers are fantastic with a unique story. The reason why they are called Hangar 24 is because the founder and master brewer Ben Cook used to meet a hangar 24 to swap stories and sample his beer.

Big Sky Brewing Co. — Summer Honey Seasonal Ale

Flavor Profile: This is another solid very drinkable beer for the Big Sky repertoire.  Summer Honey is light and crisp with an excellent balance of European hops, spices and honey that leave your pallet with a clean taste and an overall refreshing satisfaction. This beer would be great at summer barbeque, camping or after a long hike and would please most tastes.

Brewery Overview: Big Sky Brewing Co., A couple regular guys with a love for beer.  Two of the founders were originally home brewers from Michigan.  Along the road to their summer fishing job in Alaska, they would take in some of the flavorful microbrews out west.  After relocating to Missoula, Montana and establishing a beer review show on a local television channel, they met the third partner with a business degree.  All the components for to form a brewery fell into place and the rest is history. 

Great Basin Brewery — Outlaw Milk Stout

Flavor Profile: A sweeter stout with a coffee flavor profile with a silky texture that leaves you wanting one more.  A great beer on a fall day or even on a powder day.

Brewery Overview: Great Basin Brewery, is Nevada’s oldest and most award-winning brewery famous for its “Icky” beer, Ichthyosaur IPA, has 2 locations one in Reno and the other in Sparks.  They have single handedly helped bring Reno into a renaissance of brewing and is still the undisputed champion.

FiftyFifty Brewery — Donner Party Porter

Flavor Profile: A dark brown porter with light notes of dark chocolate and dark dried fruit and if the Donner Party would have had this brew they may have been able to survive the winter.

Brewery Overview: FiftyFifty Brewery, is located just down the street from Northstar in a secluded shopping center in Truckee.  Great food and great ambiance leads you to enjoy great beers along with it.


For those of you that were at Foam Fest 2014 let us know what beer was your favorite and why!


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