Snow Joke If It’s Freezing Outside – Gordini Gore Tex Gloves And More

Heavenly Ski Resort on a snowy day Snowboarder: Preston Lee Herrington - Photo by: Local Freshies®

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When you hear the words “Gordini”, you might think it’s a European company. Maybe even specifically an Italian one. Personally, it came as a shock to hear it was actually founded in Canada. That got us curious to learn more about this popular brand including specifically the Gordini Gore Tex Gloves.

What Have You Done For Me?

The attitude for ski brands is either one of “what have you done for me lately?”, relating to the newest technology or how cheap can you make it. Or, it’s a company that sponsors athletes that push the limits, and therefore you want to rock their ski gear because of it. Gordini falls more in the first camp. Throughout its history, they’ve pushed the fabric (pun intended) to what is possible.

Hands Warm & Dry So You Can Be Outside Longer

As we delved deeper into Gordini’s history, we realized that they had a similar trajectory as Smith had on ski goggles except on the glove side. Founded in 1956, their motto of “to keep hands warm and dry so you can stay outside longer” still rings true today. If you check out their timeline, things that we take as “normal” have become the standard.

1970 – Down & Leather Mitts

They introduced the 1st down and leather ski mitts. Anyone that’s ridden in places like Lake Louise mid-winter can attest mittens are king for those harsh cold days.

1980 – Gordini Gore-Tex Gloves

One of the 1st brands to launch Gore-Tex Gloves. I personally can tell you that I ALWAYS ride with Gore-Tex gloves or mitts. Be it Cascade Concrete or Sierra Cement, the only thing that works consistently is Gore-Tex gear.

2015 – ErgoKnit

What’s the 1st thing that “pops” on a pair of gloves? The seams. If you’re doing backcountry, resort shredding, or just shoveling snow, seams are the weak point. Gordini took their hand protectors to the next level by using a 3-D Knit Technology called “ErgoKnit.” This design helps reduce the amount of seams by 80%!

2018 – Clutch

Since the beginning, leather has been the go-to for cold weather materials for your hands. Always looking and striving to provide superior alternatives, as of 2018, they came out with “Clutch.” It’s more breathable than leather. More durable too. If that wasn’t enough, it also takes less chemical components to make them. To tan leather correctly, over 48 chemicals are used as opposed to four. In addition, it consumes 60% less water to create them. Talk about win, win, win, and win.

Still “Indy” After All These Years

As you can see throughout its history, they’ve continued to push the limits of what’s possible in glove technology. Although founded in Canada, as of 1982, they’ve been based in Essex Junction, Vermont. Still fiercely independent, Gordini continues to have family members on the staff that started it all. For example, the CEO is the nephew of the founder.

Product Line

When it comes to a company with a BIG product line, Gordini is up there. From high-end Gordini Gore Tex gloves with all the bells and whistles to the basic no-frills mittens, they have a bit of everything for you.

Elias Gauntlet Glove

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New technology is nice but some of us love the classics. Manual transmissions, vinyl records, and gloves made with leather. The Elias Gauntlet Glove is a hybrid of the past and the present. The exterior’s palm is made with the oh-so-soft sheepskin leather giving you the tactile grip and feel you need on big mountain days, while the shell itself is made with Nylon. Within this pair, you’ll also find a removable fleece liner of Gore-Tex Windstopper materials ensuring that if you need to take a photo, those digits don’t get frostbite.

GTX Storm Trooper

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GordiniGTX Storm Trooper II Glove
Image appears courtesy: Gordini

You can imagine a character from Star Wars rockin’ a pair of these on the ice planet Hoth. For a person that’s looking for an affordable option without sacrificing too much on keeping your digits warm and dry, you can’t go wrong with these bad boys. You’ll find that they have a ton of insulation. Bomber-proof seams and even a Gore-Tex membrane. Out of the Gordini Gore Tex gloves line up, these are great for those resort skiers that are cost conscious. Only the most select users that want more dexterity or sub-zero warmth would be mad.

Cache Gauntlet Glove

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Gordini Cache Gauntlet
Image appears courtesy: REI

Similar to the above gloves, the Cache Gauntlet comes with a nylon shell but instead of goat or sheepskin, this one uses the CLUTCH synthetic leather for its fingers and reinforcements. This is the material that uses less water, less chemicals, and actually works better than leather. In fact, pretty much the entire glove is bluesign® APPROVED. This means that the components and materials that go into it are sustainably produced. CLUTCH synthetic leather, Primaloft® insulation, and AquaBloc® waterproof, windproof, breathable inserts combine to create the latest and greatest in technology all in one glove.

Spring Gloves

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If there’s a time of year that we love more than any other, it’s spring. Spring skiing means goggle tans, warm air, and a deep snowpack. With that being said, you still need something to cover those digits but just enough to keep the chill away. The Spring Skiing Glove is just that. Goatskin palm, accents, and reinforcements along with a spandex shell. And when it does get a bit warm on the slopes, the liner is moisture wicking too. Look good and stay comfy.

Da Goose Mitten

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Goridini Da Goose Mitt
Image appears courtesy: Gordini

Waterproof, windproof, and breathable, “Da Goose” will be your wingman on any conditions that Mother Nature or Old Man Winter throws at you. This is Gordini’s boxing glove or mitten to knock that cold weather out. A combination of modern technology alongside tried and true materials such as Goatskin fingers and reinforcements. As the name suggests, these mittens have 600-fill GooseDown insulation to keep those digits warm too. If you aren’t into a mitten, the Da Goose is also sold as Gordini Gore Tex gloves.

Three Finger Variations

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Gordini 3-Finger Cirque in Royal Blue
Image appears courtesy: Gordini

Within Gordini’s line-up, you’ll see a few of their gloves and mittens come with a 3-Finger variation. We know what you’re thinking… it must be just a gimmick. We thought so too but after throwing on a pair, I have to admit this unique design is definitely something to consider. Mittens naturally keep your hands warmer because your fingers generate more heat when they’re not separated from each other by fabric. The problem is you lose a bit of dexterity. The 3-Finger version is a great alternative in between the mitten and the glove. We can’t wait to try ours this winter.

Care Instructions

A lot of my friends including us have learned the hard way when it comes to taking care of ski gloves. When you have a pair of waterproof inserts or the exterior is made with leather, you don’t want to machine wash. It’s the easiest way to ruin a pair of gloves or mittens you like. Instead, clean them with a damp cloth and mild soapy solution if needed. If that won’t cut it, we suggest checking out this wiki article.

In summary, being an independently owned family run business is challenging to say the least. To survive recessions, depressions, and even a pandemic across its 65-year history is even more impressive. It tells you that they’re passionate about what they do. All we can say is here’s to another 65 years of “keeping hands warm and staying dry so you can stay outside longer.”

Stay tuned as we demo some of these gloves this upcoming winter.

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