IHT…. Who are they?

It all started with a love for the outdoors and a group of adventurers eager to share their experiences in the mountains. This crew of splitboarders and skiers originally got together to document an annual trip called the Powder Highway Tour (PHT), in British Columbia.

It was a collaboration of photographers, videographers, artists and business professionals with a different vision. The typical content of riding vertical faces with gnarly cliff drops wasn’t the goal. Instead this journey was created for the everyday rider. To take it back to something we can all relate to…back to the start. The idea took off in a big way.

PHOTO: Robin Munshaw, #302-205 E 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5T 4V6, robinmunshaw@gmail.com, 1-604-817-3822, http://www.robinmunshaw.com. LOCATION: Revelstoke, BC. ATHELTE: Pete Uniak, Jake Foster.

PHOTO courtesy: Robin Munshaw LOCATION: Revelstoke, BC. ATHELTE: Pete Uniak, Jake Foster.

After the first trip was a huge success, planning for the following year began. During one of the many brainstorming sessions, some huge ideas formed. Why not go bigger and do this for a purpose? Shortly thereafter, the Highway Tour Collective (HTC) was born. Not only would coverage focus on snow, but it would expand to the most popular outdoor activities in North America. The scope was broadened to snow, land and sea! As for the purpose, this was a no brainer… to seek the challenge of outdoor pursuits while making a difference by promoting and protecting the places we love and play. Now HTC had a direction.


Photo Courtesy: Highway Tour Collective

Being seriously ambitious, there was no time to waste. HTC wanted put something together immediately. Visions for the summer were solidified and the Island Highway Tour (IHT) was in the works. The gang was headed to Tofino for a Big Wild Challenge surfing adventure.  For more about what is the Big Wild Challenge check out our past post found here.

Stay tuned for all access coverage of the Island Highway Tour in the weeks to come. Get to know the crew below.

Tom Finkle – Mr. Business

Tom is a specialist in social media who understands how to get major events off the ground and make them successful. This well rounded outdoor enthusiast sees the world as his giant playground. He is a resourceful, business minded planner that develops amazing ideas that create digital assets which translate to brilliant marketing strategies.

To see more about the HTC look here.

Robin Munshaw – The Wildman


Photo Courtesy: Robin Munshaw – Image taken in his element… the Wilds of Canada

The wilderness is where Robin feels at home. He is the epitome of an adventure photographer and videographer. His specialty is creating backcountry visual media. A strong knowledge in backcountry travel in off the grid terrain takes him to remote locations that allow for some of the most unique and amazing coverage out there today. To see more of Robin’s work check out Wildland Media.

Nadine Nevitt – The Artist

Photo Courtesy: - Highway Tour Collective Nadine enjoying a brew at Tofino

Photo Courtesy: – Highway Tour Collective
Nadine enjoying a brew at Tofino

Nadine is the true definition of an “artist.” She is able to create with anything she touches. Don’t worry her skills aren’t wasted. As a true lover of self-expression she keeps busy as a product and lifestyle photographer, graphic designer and by designing her own line of pillows and prints.  For more check out her site found here

Jake Foster – The Sherpa

Behind every adventure there is a knowledgeable and trusted leader. Jake has taken on this role and thrived. He’s a versatile and experienced route planner who excels in all elements of backcountry travel. This aspiring guide successfully planned and guided over eight summits during the Powder Highway Tour 2015.

For a sneak peak into some of these travels check out his trip report found here

Ben Wechsler – The Renaissance Man

Ben thrives in the field and is able to relay passion and experiences into content that others love to share.  He makes sure any project or adventure goes off as planned by filling in the gaps and tackling unforeseen obstacles on the fly. His variety of skills and deep, broad base of knowledge have been key to the success of the Highway Tour Collective.

Additional Contributors to this trip were – Jon Lane, Peter Uniac, Mackenzie Kordyback, Jess Sloss, Nic Thorne, Lucy Wild, Leisha Scordino, Katie Woolison and Jordan Steele.

Be on the lookout for new content coming out on the Highway Tour Collective’s website, instagram, and vimeo.  Next time go inside the IHT as we give you some of the Local Freshies’ spots on location in Tofino and the stories behind making this amazing short film.

Island Highway Tour – July 2015 from Wildland Media on Vimeo.

Music Luke Wallace

The Highway Tour Collective takes to the road once again in collaboration with Live to Surf, MEC, and CPAWSBig Wild Challenge, and head to Tofino to try their hand at surfing.

To support the Island Highway Tour check out their page at the Big Wild Challenge!


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