Is Heli Biking A Real Option For “Normal” People?

heli biking Tordillo Lodge Alaska mountain biking glacier Image appears courtesy: Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

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In movies like UnReal by Teton Gravity Research & Anthill Films, pro mountain bikers get picked up and dropped off at the top of the mountain by helicopters. The idea of heli-assisted mountain biking or heli biking seems more like a fantasy than reality for us normal humans. The next question that comes to mind is “Don’t you have to be really good or extreme to even consider this?” You’ll be surprised to find out the answer to that question is NO… in fact, there are now a few operations providing this service in North America and around the world for everyday bikers.

Heli Biking – A Real Option for Normal Folks


Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Heli Biking Alaska
Image appears courtesy: Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

The 49th state known as the “Last Frontier” is everything it cracks up to be when it comes to heli biking. Beginning from the flanks of the Mt. Spurr volcano, routes wind down paths carved in cinder and pumice deposits. You get to choose to either forge new paths or follow gentle ridge lines to alpine lakes. If that wasn’t enough, you can pedal yourself right onto a glacier for a whole new snow biking experience. Regardless of your skill level, it’s pretty much a guaranteed epic ride at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge!


Image taken by Ferbyshellbourne John Droppin' In on Rainbow Mountain.
Image taken by Ferbyshellbourne John Droppin’ In on Rainbow Mountain.

Whistler is home to one of the best mountain bike parks around. It should come as no surprise that this hub provides heli biking as well. Dropped off at the top of Rainbow Mountain, you will have the opportunity to ride by a glacier, traverse alpine meadows, and finally dive back into the deep forests of the valley. For around $325, the companies listed below provide services.

New Zealand

Helibiking New Zealand
Image appears courtesy: Helibike Nelson

If traveling to Canada or Alaska isn’t exotic enough, you can always head down south to New Zealand. The options available by Helibike Nelson can cater to anyone. From fully guided tours to catered mountain bike adventures 1-4 days in length, it allows you to access amazing trails like the old Ghost Road and get away from people. A truly WILD experience. If you want to learn more about unique adventures like heli-biking, get tips on gear, or read about races like the Downieville Classic and more check out our comprehensive travel guide: The Down & Dirty On Mountain Biking.

From Whistler to AK to New Zealand, these are just a few of the options available to check off a bucket list item. Can you think of another location that we should include? Have you done one of these and was it worth the money? If this isn’t on your bucket list, what is? We want to know!


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