Is Heli Biking A Real Option For “Normal” People?

Two mountain bikers enjoying heli biking near Whistler Blackcomb Canada Photo by: Trish Bromley - Image appears courtesy: AlpX Expeditions, powered by Blackcomb Helicopters

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In movies like UnReal by Teton Gravity Research & Anthill Films, pro mountain bikers get picked up and dropped off at the top of the mountain by helicopters. The idea of heli-assisted mountain biking or heli biking seems more like a fantasy than reality for us normal humans. The next question that comes to mind is “Don’t you have to be really good or extreme to even consider this?” You’ll be surprised to find out the answer to that question is NO… in fact, there are now a few operations providing this service in North America and around the world for everyday bikers.


person heli biking near Whistler Blackcomb Canada
Photo by: Trish Bromley – Image appears courtesy: AlpX Expeditions, powered by Blackcomb Helicopters

Whistler is home to one of the best mountain bike parks around. It should come as no surprise that this hub provides heli biking as well. What started a few years ago with heli companies dropping you off on unsanctioned trails quickly became unsustainable. The explosion of popularity was too much for the land and community to support. AlpX Expeditions, powered by Blackcomb Helicopters worked alongside local governments, local First Nations, and resource councils to create a sustainable long-term solution. The resulting trail is 8 miles of freshly built singletrack over 5,250 ft of descent. This trail follows an alpine ridgeline down through old growth forest to open terrain with a mix of singletrack and bike park style flow sections. For around $349, the companies listed below provide services.

New Zealand

Helibiking New Zealand
Image appears courtesy: Helibike Nelson

If traveling to Canada or Alaska isn’t exotic enough, you can always head down south to New Zealand. The options available by Helibike Nelson cater to everyone. From fully guided tours to personalized mountain bike adventures 1-4 days in length, it allows you to access amazing trails like the old Ghost Road and get away from people. A truly WILD experience.

If you want to learn more about unique adventures like heli-biking, get tips on gear, or read about races like the Downieville Classic and more check out our comprehensive travel guide: The Down & Dirty On Mountain Biking.


Revelstoke is always at the forefront of pushing what is possible from an extreme sports perspective. Home to some of the best mountain biking on the planet and awesome access to the backcountry, this is a place everyone should have on their must visit list. One of the unique experiences is where they will drop you off at the summit of Mt. Cartier. After you’ve taken in the 360 degree views, you saddle up and enjoy a 7,000 foot descent back down to the valley floor. Since July 2021, the Mt. Cartier Trail has been closed by Rec Sites & Trails BC due to an unsafe bridge. As of this summer, there is no confirmed re-opening date.

Other Heli-Experiences

two people drinking coffee at sunrise during summer at Northern Escape Heliskiing mountain lodge
Image appears courtesy: Northern Escape Heli Ski

In addition to heli biking, many of the heli-ski operators that own their own lodge offer some unique summer experiences. A great example of this is our heli-ski experience at Northern Escape Heli. As of July 2022, Northern Escape opened up their new luxury, off-the-grid mountain lodge for summer activities. It includes an outdoor hot tub and their INSANE foodie experience of meals delivered by their team of Red Seal Chefs that makes the five-star experience relaxing AND unforgettable. During the day, you can get dropped off on the remotest riverbed to go fly fishing. Take a guided trip to a grizzly bear sanctuary. Go whale watching for orcas and humpbacks. Even hit the trails via an e-mountain bike. And once your done, you’ll go back to your luxurious sanctuary overlooking a jade colored lake without a single person around.

From Whistler to AK to New Zealand, these are just a few of the options available to check off a bucket list item. In doing our research, it sounds like there were A LOT of heli-ski operators offering heli biking in places like Alaska and throughout Canada. Many of these seemed to have fizzled out. Can you think of another location that we should include? Have you done one of these and was it worth the money? If this isn’t on your bucket list, what is? We want to know!

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