Is the snow still good in June?

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For those that didn’t hear Mammoth Mountain just announced that they will be open until July 4th or longer for the 2016-17 season. Earlier Squaw Valley reported they would have skiing and riding through August as well!  The question that comes up immediately “is snow even good this late in the season?” Answer…absolutely! It’s pretty much a guarantee that the snow will be good.

Is snow still good in late season Mammoth Mountain California

Of course you can’t really guarantee weather, but under normal conditions this time of year there should be sunshine and clear nights. The snow gets a chance to refreeze at night meaning amazing corn after a few hours of sun in the morning. We can’t give Mother Nature all the credit though.  Here are a few things some resorts do to make sure the quality is the best it can be.

Open earlyIs snow still good in late season Mammoth Mountain Spring Hours

Corn is all about timing and if the air temperature didn’t get below freezing the perfect time to ski it might be early in the day. To cover that window lifts start running at 7:30 am.

Close early

To preserve the snow and make sure you ski at the best time they close the lifts by 2:00 pm. This means you can spend the afternoon doing things like an apres party or mountain biking.

Salt the runs

Normally salt melts snow, but when it is above freezing it slows the snow melt leading to better snow conditions in the spring. If you are worried about the environment don’t worry they are only allowed to use so much salt per year and have confirmed that any salt that goes into the ground is negligible.
So, grab your snowboard, sun block, and head down to Mammoth Mountain Resort. The snow will be great, the beer will be cold, and you can get some fishing in. If that’s not enough the mountain bike park is up and running in full swing too!  For those closer to Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley will be open daily through June 4th and weekends through June 25 followed by only Saturdays starting July 8th until the snow fully melts.

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