Made by Locals for Locals – Part 2

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Times are tough…It’s with a heavy hearts we announce that one of the most prolific grass root snowboard companies based in Colorado will not be releasing their 2015-16 line. Venture Snowboards has been an with a major hard core following for over 16 years. Being manufactured just down the road from Silverton Mountain, home to monster lines and deep powder, Venture made boards for mountain men like Johan Olofsson. Hopefully, they work out the kinks and by next winter they will be back up and running. We will definitely keep you posted on the happenings with this iconic brand. Until then, here are a few more companies still going strong in North America.

Notice Custom Snowboards

Image Courtesy – Notice Custom Snowboards

You a soul snow surfer? Want a snowboard that was shaped and designed specifically for you and the specific snow conditions that exist? No problem! Notice Custom Snowboards has got you covered. All materials are sourced out of the good ole USA and hand made in their shop in Whitefish Montana this might be your best bet to help create a “quiver” of boards. From picking your shape, selecting the profile, and choosing the material Notice is the real deal for a person that wants a truly custom snowboard.

Weston Snowboards

Image Courtesy – Weston Snowboards

If you haven’t visited Colorado or checked out the news in a while, there are large swaths of lodge pole pines that have been decimated by the mountain pine beetle.  This is bad for the forest, but instead of these trees going to waste Weston had an idea. They started testing this wood to see if they could potentially use it to make their boards. The findings…the wood was as strong as regular pine, but lighter. Talk about making good of a bad situation! This board manufacturer is based in Minturn, Colorado just a few miles from Vail. You’ve heard it before. Location, location, location! Not only do they have access to one of the best materials on the planet, they also get firsthand feedback from some of the top riders that call this place home. This combination makes for one of the top quality R&D departments ensure Weston puts out a sick ride. Just like Vail’s motto, Weston’s boards are “Like Nothing else on Earth.”

Unity Snowboards


Back in 1995 Pete Wurster founded a company based on the love of snowboarding and the passion to

Image Courtesy - Unite Snowboards
Image Courtesy – Unity Snowboards

great product. Even with Unity’s success, he is still known to get his hands dirty helping make these legendary boards. Where you ask? His shop is in Silverthorne, Colorado located right in the center of the famous Summit County. With such epic powder you know that these boards can float like a magic carpet! This winter they are making one-off powder boards. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled! Oh, so you are a true powder hound sniffing for the goods in the back country…don’t worry they also offer a splitboards in their line-up.

Signal Snowboards

Over the years DJ techniques have always been hidden and closely held secrets. In the mid-90s the Beat Junkies removed that cloak, and it caused an earth shattering revolution in the industry. Just like the Beat Junkies, Signal Snowboards is trying to push the envelope. Showcasing the manufacturing process with their Every Third Thursday and allowing creative ideas to flourish.

This is a company about the art of making a snowboard and it can be seen in everything they do. From keeping the design, manufacturing, and creative concepts within the US in Huntington Beach, California to introducing a “subscription” to purchase a new snowboard. They truly push the traditional boundaries and it’s exciting to see! With riders like the newly signed John Jackson onboard, you know they are doing something right!

Green Bandit Productions aka GBP

Originally from the “Ice Coast” this crew migrated out west. One can only assume this move was made to chase the snow and get a few more powder slashes in. Like Wu Tang Clan, their crew dabbles in every form of art from making mixtapes, snowboards, and they have even produced a few videos. Their films have the style and flow like those old school Whiskey films, but with the swagger of east coast cats. And to stay true to this made in America piece, their snowboards are manufactured by Smokin Snowboards. Good news those who want to join the movement of “GBP.”

All these grass roots have several things in common besides being manufactured in North America. The most visible is they all innovate and push the status quo giving you the latest designs and ideas in the industry. Since they are able to produce small batches and make upgrades on the fly you are guaranteed a one of a kind ride. Stay tuned as we continue to highlight companies that are made in North America. That way when you do decide to buy a board, you can do as we do and buy local!

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