Travel Guide to the Northern Rockies

Ultimate Guides for the Northern Rockies

The Rocky Mountains are filled with many amazing ski towns, resorts, and things to do. In this section we focus on the Northern Rockies Travel Guide.

Whitefish Ultimate Guide

Big charm plus empty slopes equals the ultimate destination for a ski vacation. Read why we think it's one of the most authentic ski towns in North America in our local's Whitefish Guide. We explore the town of Whitefish from the best ski bar to the best dinner. We then delve into how to ski / snowboard what the local's call Big Mountain (Whitefish Ski Resort).

whitefish guide


Ed Anacker Bridger Ridge Run

Considered one of the toughest trail races in North America and maybe the world it tests every individual that attempts it to their fullest.

Photo Title: Bridger Ridge hike
Image taken by: Sam Haraldson

Snake River Rafting

When the snow melts it means the rivers begin to rise and whitewater rafting season begins. The Northern Rockies are home to the birthplace of it… the Snake River.

Photo Title: Snake River
Image taken by: Hans Dieter Vesely

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