Blue Skies, Custom Biking Shorts, & Loamy Dirt – Northwest Tech Review

nwt3k custom biking shorts in blue Photo by: Local Freshies®

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When you’re out mountain biking, clothing isn’t just a form of expression but armor against the elements. Names may never hurt you, but tree branches, granite, rocks, and anything else you find on a singletrack will. Luckily Northwest Tech’s custom biking shorts allow you to be your own person AND get some protection.

The Tough Keeps You Going

Ford’s old motto “Quality job 1” rings incredibly true for Northwest Tech custom mountain biking shorts. For starters, the material isn’t some thin namby-pamby silky cloth that if you brush the dirt, they’ll split on ya. They’ve taken their tough as nails ski pants construction and brought it to the mountain biking world. They feel like a pair of well-made bullet proof shorts and yet breathable.

Local Freshies® Tested… And Approved

nwt3k custom biking shorts being tested in Truckee California
Photo by: Local Freshies®

As we said above, these are truly bullet proof. The other half of Local Freshies® has tested the DWR rip-stop 4-way stretch fabric to the limits. On her bails into prickly manzanitas and mountain whitethorns, she’s come out unscathed unlike her other mountain bike shorts that will remain nameless.

Northwest Tech Puts The “TECH” In MTB Shorts

In addition to the comfortable 4-way stretch material they’re made from, you’ll find a few other features that are greatly appreciated. Each pair of shorts come with waterproof zipper pockets making sure nothing falls out similar to their ski pants albeit a bit smaller. They also have an adjustable waistband so you don’t even have to wear a belt.

Not Just Black, Brown, or Grey

nwt3k custom biking shorts on a singletrack trail
Jaime enjoying her new Northwest Tech mountain biking shorts – Photo by: Local Freshies®

One of the things I’m personally not a fan of is A LOT of the outdoor gear you find is… boring! The color choices are simply “bleh.” They give you the option of black, grey, or if you’re super lucky a light blue-ish gray. Am I trying to camouflage myself in the woods? Come on now! Northwest Tech gives you color options in spades!

Goldilocks Would Be Happy – Multiple Inseam Length Options

Being over six feet tall and finding shorts that don’t look like I’m wearing my younger brother’s pair is rare. In fact, exceedingly difficult. The Northwest Tech bike shorts are the epitome of custom biking shorts. They come in not one, not two, but THREE inseam lengths. The fit is truly downhill / enduro style. In addition, they come in SEVEN sizes ranging from XS to XXXL to cover EVERYONE’s needs. Loose fitting, but not to the point they feel like you’re wearing balloon shorts. And leg holes wide enough to freely float over your knee pads.

Additional Considerations

mountain biking Elizabethtown trail near Northstar California
Photo by: Local Freshies®

One thing to note is the fitting. The long IS long. If Jaime could re-do her order, she would’ve gotten the regular length but that’s a minor inconvenience. Another thing she voiced is the amount of room in the crotch. As a female, she’d rather have things a bit more form fitting in that area. Overall thought, they’re a great pair of mountain bike shorts. Even in the warmest conditions, Jaime hasn’t had an issue and loves them.

One-Time 10% Off Northwest Tech Gear

Still on the fence? Well, our friends at Northwest Tech are offering our readers a chance to save BIG and look good this summer. All you have to do is click on this link and get 10% off on any regular priced gear in your order.

In The Market For A Jersey?

If you’re looking for an ensemble or just a mountain bike jersey, be sure to read our in-depth review of Northwest Tech’s offering. As you can see, we’re big fans of their gear. From biking to skiing, we love supporting American AND getting the opportunity to have something that fits us.

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