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At Local Freshies®, we strive to connect our fans to your local business.  We distinguish ourselves  from other online businesses and blogs with our strong connection to the “Local” market.  Information is presented in a manner that enables Local Freshies® fans to review posts and be “in the know” on local events and information in a short period of time.  Additional and archived content is available for in-depth research to provide full planning as well as entertainment.

Trip Planning:

If you’re planning a trip to the mountains and don’t see any information/contacts regarding where you want to go, we can help.  We have traveled across almost all of North America and either have direct contacts or can reach out to our partners to help your next trip be the best possible!


If you’re a company or individual that would like to advertise on Local Freshies®, please contact us.  We have various ad space sizing available and are all about cross promotion and grass roots marketing.  We reach a broad audience locally and around the world!

Brand Representation:

Local Freshies® is always looking for companies to locally rep our brand.  If you like our concept and are interested in possibilities to sell our product in your shop, feel free to reach out to us.  If you are a grass roots brand that would like Local Freshies® to rep your business, contact us as well!

Event Promotions:

Do you want Local Freshies® to cover your next ski-town event?  We can help promote the event beforehand, provide coverage during the event and add post event content.  Please contact us!  We strive to cover as many events as possible.  If you would like to team up with Local Freshies® for promotions and live/post event coverage, let us know!  We are especially interested in ski/snowboard video premiers.  E-mail us and we can give you a full overview of our event services offered.  Let us provide first hand media coverage for your amazing event.

Sell on Local Freshies®:

We are aggressively looking for more innovative products to help promote on our website. If you would like to talk about getting your products reviewed and promoted, please contact us!

Get Featured on Local Freshies®:

Local Freshies® would love to feature your business or innovative product on our site!  We are actively looking for businesses to write about and cross promote.  We will create a custom marketing campaign no matter what industry you’re in, sharing your company’s mission via Local Freshies®!

Email: [email protected]

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11 thoughts on “Work With Us!

  1. Hey there,
    I just wanted to shout out a thanks to you guys! I received some early season tics to Sierra n wow what a day. Love Sierra, the snow was amazing… Will def spread the word bout LOCAL FRESHIES!
    Mike keeling

  2. I love all of your info! I think what you guys are doing is incredible and I’d love to spread the word about you on my car and on my head when you guys get your hats up and running! If you have any info about that I’d love it.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Cassandra and that would be awesome to see you sporting our hats. We are incredibly close on opening our store and it should be up and running in the next few days. Keep your fingers crossed on the IT side going well as we continue to test.

  3. Alex and Shane. Great to meet you guys this weekend at Sierra in the liftline. One of the best storm days in the last few years for sure. Thanks for the ski beta, now we need your help to reach out and get us to become locals to Tahoe. Shoot me an e-mail if you are available.

  4. What’s happening in South Oregon / Ashland for the Labor Day weekend?
    Any wakeboard Yoga on Crater lake?

    Hope the freshies are doing well!

    Jeff H

    1. Wakeboard Yoga?!?! Now that’s an awesome idea! If you are into mountain biking, Ashland Mountain Adventures provides shuttle service, including mid-mountain shuttles, to any location in the Siskiyou Mountains. One event that will be happening in Southern Oregon if you are into trail running is the Moore’s Mountain Run in Klamath Falls:!moore-mountain-run/c1o8o.

      One cool event to highlight coming up is the Ochoco Gravel Roubaix in Prineville, but it’s on the weekend of August 20th AND in Central Oregon. It’s considered one of the toughest gravel races in the Pacific Northwest:

      Hope some of these ideas help. We’ll reach out to our partners as well in the area to see if there is anything else happening on the Labor Day Weekend that might fit your fancy.

  5. Shane – Great seeing you guys out on Shasta last weekend. Hopefully we end up with another window this Saturday!

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