Really? Gotta! Wanna!

Athletes have continually pushed the limits of what is snowboarding.  Initially it was a game of one up-manship on who could go the biggest or spin the most rotations.  Then it grew into taking freestyle tricks from the park to the streets and now the freestyle tricks are going into the backcountry on big mountain lines.  Throughout this evolution it seemed that snowboard films continued to focus on the tricks instead of the experience of the sport.  This year seems to be different they are evolving.  From Celtek’s Nothing to Prove to TGR’s Higher the films have told a story within the snowboarding lifestyle.  Really, Gotta, Wanna  goes into the challenges a professional snowboarder faces daily in the sport we love.

The Bad News

  • Unfortunately, for those that weren’t aware the world premier happened already  in Denver at the Mayan Theater

The Good News

  • There are still 2 schedule premiers happening in Salt Lake City and Seattle.
  • Salt Lake City’s is this weekend!!!!  So, check it out!


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