Tahoe Premiere of Transworld Snowboarding – Arcadia & Sierra Avalanche Center Fundraiser

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Local Freshies®, in association with South Lake Brewing Company, presents the Lake Tahoe premiere of Transworld Snowboarding’s newest film Arcadia. With winter on the horizon and more people venturing into the backcountry, we need to make sure everyone comes home safe after a day of adventure. So, here at Local Freshies® along with our partners the Bird Flu Crew, we asked some of our favorite local businesses to join us for a “Pray for Snow Party” & help raise money for the Sierra Avalanche Center. What a perfect combo!

Tahoe Premiere Arcadia

Main Feature – Arcadia

The newest Transworld Snowboarding film Arcadia documents snowboarders in a perpetual pursuit of paradise. Arcadia is an image or idea of life in a place believed to be perfect. It is a promised land. It is untouched turns, lap after lap. A polished handrail with no cops. A pristine cliff with a bottomless landing.

Bird Flu Crew – The Movie

Lake Tahoe’s 2016-17 winter will go down in the record books as legendary. And South Lake Tahoe’s very own Bird Flu Crew was there documenting ever bit of it. This film features backcountry boarding, sled carnage and footage from around the basin. We don’t know about you, but we’re more than hyped to see Lake Tahoe being showcased in a film again!

Ty Dayberry’s latest film – Future Freeheel

Telemark never gets its own limelight. When it is shown, it’s secondary at best and underplayed. Well… that’s all about to change. Future Freeheel’s goal is to showcase that telemark isn’t just a form of transportation, but rather a way to express oneself artistically. A collection of some of the best footage Ty’s ever captured on two planks, his skiing will do the talking and as a viewer, you decide what Telemark Skiing really is! I don’t know about you, but if the trailer is already mind-boggling, I can’t wait to see the WHOLE film.

High on Food Truck serving gourmet movie treats

Finally, if all that wasn’t enough, we’re also premiering the new Holden team video. This event will be the perfect mix of local, snow and fun to help kick off the ski season. Be sure to come hungry as local food truck “High on Food” will be serving gourmet popcorn as well as tasty theater treats like nachos, hot dogs and much, much more! And don’t forget about the raffle! Awesome raffle prizes are being provided by our sponsors to help us FUNDRAISE for the Sierra Avalanche Center. Are you ready? We are!


Ticket Price? We got your ticket price right here!!!


All Ages Event


South Lake Brewing Company

November 17, 2017

Doors Open at 6 p.m., Show at 7:30 p.m.

Huge thanks to all of our sponsors for this stop:

Shoreline of Tahoe

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