The Huck Cup!

A few times in life you get opportunities to look inside of people to see what they’re made of. Nothing brings that to the surface more than when a person gets to test their mind AND body. Fortunately for us that live in the Lake Tahoe Basin, we will get that chance to see it live in a couple weeks. On February 26-27 in Huckleberry Canyon at Sierra-at-Tahoe 80 of the best men and women skiers and snowboarders in North America will compete for the Huck Cup! This is the only 2-Star Freeride World Qualifying event in the region this year.

What is the Freeride World Tour?

freeride-world-tourIf you happen to be unfamiliar with the Freeride World Tour, it’s a competition that pits riders and skiers against some of the gnarliest terrain on the planet. Not only do they get to choose their own line in a backcountry, ungroomed setting, but they have to do it with style and grace while pushing the limits! This truly is an event to see live and watch athletes test their mental and physical abilities.

The course… Huckleberry Canyon

This area in Sierra-at- Tahoe is comprised of 320 acres just east of the Grandview Express. It has always been recognized as some of Tahoe’s best and most accessible backcountry terrain. This expert’s only terrain will push participants to their limits with cliff drops, cornices, rock chutes, open bowls, gladed runs and powder pillows. This will be one of the best qualifiers to watch for spectators as well. Easy access will offer killer views of the event, so you won’t want to miss this.  For event details go here.

Need a preview?  Check out the film below:

Of course an event needs partners to put on something this big and they are:

Main Partner: Audi


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