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The one question that all skiers & snowboarders ask is “Which ski resort gets the most snowfall in North America?” Normally, people guess Colorado, Lake Tahoe, or even Utah. Shockingly, it isn’t in any of those regions. The king of the hill in terms of snow is Mt. Baker located in the Pacific Northwest. Coincidently, this is also our newest region to be revamped.

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Ultimate Guides

The new Pacific Northwest homepage starts out with two new guides, one for Bend/Mt. Bachelor and the other for Bellingham/Mt. Baker and focuses on several cool local restaurants, breweries, and stores that we visited on our journeys.

PNW Ultimate Guide

Bend – Home to Beervana & Mt. Bachelor

Instead of going to Florida and spending tons of money to stand in line, why not go to the ‘Disneyland’ of Outdoor Recreation? From kayaking to mountain biking to skiing, there is something for everyone if you like adrenaline.

In this handbook, we talk about how to ski or snowboard Mt. Bachelor based on your abilities, why it’s one of the best resorts to visit in spring plus many more tips. If that wasn’t enough, we have a map of Bachelor Home PageBend that shows you the good stuff:

  • Where a few of our favorite breweries are located
  • Some of the best places to get breakfast & lunch
  • And last but not least, some of the funky spots that make Bend unique

Each one of these places you can click on either through the map or from the menu to read an in depth review.

Mt. Baker & Bellingham – Myth, Legend, Hardcore…

PNW HistoryWhen a ski resort receives almost 700 inches of snow annually (and yeah, that is an average year), you KNOW we had to visit this location. This guide focuses on its:

  • Deep history with snowboarding
  • How to ride the mountain
  • What to expect from a weather perspective

Even if you managed to snowboard or ski the entire day, there is always time for après. We highlight some of the cool local spots that are distinctive and worthy of a ‘shout out’ like the Waterfront Tavern.

Events & Adventure

This part of the country has some amazing annual events such as The Pole, Pedal, Paddle and cool activities like whitewater rafting on the Deschutes River. Stay tuned as we continue to expand this section.

PNW Events

Where’s all the other posts?

If you’re looking for one of our posts that aren’t highlighted in the above sections, don’t worry. We have made sure that you can still click on the pic and see all posts related to the Pacific Northwest.
As we said before, stay tuned as we continue to ramp up our website to make everything easier for you to find. And don’t forget why…. Because we want you to ‘Be a Local Wherever You Go!’  Click here to see it in person.

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