Boomer’s Drive-In

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Sunday- Thursday 11 am- 10 pm
Friday and Saturday 11 am- 11 pm


310 N Samish Way
Bellingham, WA 98225


Boomer’s Drive-In

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On a cold soggy evening with headlights reflecting off puddles and rain droplets glaring on the windshield, the conditions make it challenging to find. Now you see it. Lit up with yellow and red neon signs, this has to be it. Boomers…At the intersection where Maple St. turns into Samish Way, the building resembles a modern version of a Chinese Pagoda. Attached to the structure is a covered walkway, which helps the carhops get food from the restaurant to the car. You pull up into a spot, a lighted menu on the driver’s side provides the list of choices. It’s a pleasant evening. Get situated and decide what you want. Ready…turn on the headlights. A carhop will come to take your order, just like old times. It’s all about nostalgia. For those chilly nights when it’s damp and dreary, head inside to the dining room. In the center of the octagonal dining room lies an original circular gas fireplace. The warmth keeps everyone comfy and smiling. Belly up to the counter…what to order? You can’t go wrong ordering a burger. They are fantastic. Two local favorites are the Guacamole Bacon burger and the Cajun Inferno burger. Yep, guacamole and bacon on the same burger! Like a little spice on your burger? Order the Cajun Inferno. It hits the spot. The combination of jalapeno slices, Cajun sauce, and pepper jack cheese provide the perfect kick to warm you after a cold. Add a side of the waffle fries and you have an excellent meal. These are some of the best waffle fries in the Pacific Northwest. Of course a trip to Boomer’s would not be complete without trying one of their shakes. They are handmade using real premium ice-cream from the local Edaleen Dairy. There are a dozen flavors to choose from, which will ensure you can mix and match enough to remember those feeling of childhood. Check this place out when staying in Bellingham or just driving through. You can’t go wrong! Be sure to tell them Local Freshies says hello!

Boomer's Drive-in Bellingham Washington Cheap East Amazing
A real Drive-In, not many of the older original ones remain. Image taken by: Alaskandave