City Limits Pub & Grill

City Limits Pub & Grill Wallace Idaho

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Monday: Closed
Tuesday — Saturday: 11 AM – 9 PM
Sunday: 11 AM – 8 PM


108 Nine Mile Rd
Wallace, ID 83873


Small towns have perks. Everyone knows each other and Wallace makes sure to roll out the red carpet for visitors. As you step into the City Limits Brewpub, you’ll be surprised at how big the interior is. TVs at the bar play sports and lots of tables fill the inside. The walls are adorned in locally sourced pine. You’ll enjoy tasting all their beers, and a few of the more unique brews stuck with us on our visit:

  • Loft Honey – Named after the bar at Lookout Pass Ski area, this beer could be considered “dangerous” since it tastes light but has an ABV of nearly 8.5%. It packs a BIG wallop for such an easy-drinking beer.
  • Citra Peak IPA – If you’re looking to expand your horizon’s in the IPA world, this may be your go-to beer. It is a non-IPA drinker’s IPA. It holds slightly tangy notes but doesn’t smack you upside the head from the hops.
  • Pulaski Porter – Ed Pulaski was a forest ranger that saved over 40 people during the Great Fire. Just like Ed, this beer is smokey but finishes velvety smooth.
  • Cripple Creek – When the brewery opened, the miners in the area were used to more “domestic” beers with lower content. After a couple of these, some say they’d walk home a little wobbly-kneed from the undetectable higher ABV. Since Cripple Creek runs right under the brewery, what better name for a beer?

Homemade Raviolis To Die For

You may be a few hundred miles away from the ocean, but the “Steamers” appetizer is an amazing choice. Normally, steamed clams are in a thin-wine sauce but at City Limits, it’s the perfect amount of butter and goodness. The sauce accentuates the flavor of the clams instead of taking away from it.


City Limits Pub & Grill Wallace Idaho
Photo By: Local Freshies

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, the homemade raviolis are a must try. Instead of the typical small-rounded pasta, they give you three HUGE raviolis that your grandmother would make. You can order them filled with cheese or house-made sausage as well as options for the sauce. Our version was the house-made sausage wrapped in a buttery sauce with chunks of bacon.  The perfect comfort food on a cold winter’s day. If that seems a bit too heavy, the Reuben is a great sandwich option. The toast was crispy enough to give a crunch but the meat was the star. They make sure not to put on too much “special” sauce and let the tender meat take over the show.