Hellroaring Saloon

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Monday- Sunday 11 am-8:15 pm


3910 Big Mountain Rd
Whitefish, MT 59937



Hell Roaring Saloon – The last of the great ski bars

Why its considered one of the last great ski bars:

  • It has history – Built in 1949
  • Affordable drinks and great food – See Local Freshies Tip Below
  • Homey atmosphere – Friendly locals

As the day winds down, grinning ear to ear from exploring such a unique mountain, be sure to head over to one of the greatest ski bars left in America, the Hell Roaring Saloon.  Built in 1949, it is the oldest structure on the mountain.  The dark hued timber building may be intimidating from a distant but don’t let that hold you back.

Hellroaring Saloon Full Order Nachos Whitefish
Full order of Nachos is… a FULL order of Nachos

Make your way inside.  As you sit down at the bar your eyes will dart up to the televisions to see such classic ski flicks as “Blizzard of Aahh’s” playing.  Just as you begin to settle in at the bar, it’s highly likely one of the locals will come over and spark up a conversation.  During your chat it’s almost guaranteed someone will remark how great Whitefish is.  The local will respond with the infamous statement “Don’t tell anyone,” as they smile with a sparkle in their eye.

 Local Freshies tip: Be sure to buy a hat from Hell Roaring Saloon it’s a great souvenir AND your second beer is free for every visit FOR LIFE!

Located at the end of the Village between Chairs 1 and 2.  Their convenient ski-in, ski-out location makes them a favorite with skiers for lunch and that Apres Ski experience.