Why you should visit Tamarack Resort this winter

McCall Donnelly Idaho Tamarack Ski Resort Winter Snowboarding carve Deep Powder Alex Silgalis 4" of powder rides like 2' of blower

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What exactly is a Tamarack and why name a ski resort after one? That’s the first thing I thought when learning about Tamarack Ski Resort. With a little research, the Tamarack is quite interesting in that it looks like a gnarly evergreen-like tree with needles and cones but then drops its needles in the winter! Majestic, tough and beautiful is the only way to describe them. A fitting name for a resort that’s coming out of a rough patch yet stronger than ever. If you’re staying in McCall and shredding Brundage then Tamarack Resort should be on your hit-list as well.

Why you should visit Tamarack Resort

Reason #1: Easy to get to

Zipping out of McCall on US-55, you’ll head straight towards a little town named Donnelly. Surveying the scenery, the road South follows a large valley dotted with homes and ranches. On either side, huge mountains rise from the valley floor thousands of feet into the air. After a short 20 minute drive, you’ll arrive in the next town.

McCall Donnelly Idaho Tamarack Ski Resort Plains
Your view on your way to Tamarack

Compared to Brundage’s mountain pass, Tamarack Ski Resort’s village is located right in the valley for an easy drive to the base. Though it is a bit further South on the map, it takes almost the same amount of time to get there as it would to get to Brundage from McCall.

Reason #2: Uncrowded Slopes

Glimpse of the large Lake Cascade

Veering through the winding village roads, you’ll see buildings under construction with plastic billowing in the wind. Next to them are large cranes hovering over the construction site but there is no movement. Pulling into the parking lot on a weekday, there’s a good chance you’ll only see a handful of cars. When we showed up we counted 18 cars in the lot… Yup, you read that right – EIGHTEEN! I don’t care which resort you go to, that is unheard of!

Reason #3: The views are breathtaking

When a resort sits in a large valley such as Tamarack it gives skiers and snowboarders an opportunity for absolutely amazing views. As soon as you board the main chairlift and turn around you’re given a glimpse of the large Lake Cascade below and pictures cannot do it justice.

Reason #4: Untracked powder @ 10:30 am

McCall Donnelly Idaho Tamarack Ski Resort Winter Snowboarding carve

It was heaven on earth like no place I’ve visited before

Scoping out the terrain from above, there’s a VERY good chance you’ll be shocked at what we see. On the day we showed up the ENTIRE bowl below the lift was untracked with only a few turns dotting the landscape. It was nearly 10:30 am and STILL untracked pow?!?! WHAT??? Sweet! Quickly strapping in, we hop straight into the bowl taking huge swooping turns in the 6″ of fresh windblown pow. It was heaven on earth like no place I’ve visited before. This is an untouched bowl, the kind you only find in the backcountry after a hard skinning trek yet we were in a resort… Alone!