The Fainting Goat A Wine Bar

Fainting Goat Wine Bar Wallace Idaho

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516 Bank St
Wallace, ID 83873


A hand carved metal sign hangs over the door to The Fainting Goat. Unbeknownst to you, this sign will symbolize your soon-to-be adventure into food and wine. As is symbolic of your time in Wallace, you’ll be immediately greeted by the server like old friends.

It’s Like Vegas Except You Win Every Time

Directly in the center of the restaurant is a machine that looks like something from the future. It’s actually a wine dispensary! You have the option to select a sampling, half glass, or full glass of any of the wines. As you insert your credit-like card, tracking your selections, you hold up your glass and pick any wine that interests you. You feel like your in Vegas except you win every time! Talk about a cool concept. You can taste many new wines but with your glasses now full, it’s time to enjoy your meal.

A ‘Fishy’ Masterpiece In Culinary Art

Fainting Goat Wine Bar Wallace Idaho
Photo by: Local Freshies

One of Idaho’s largest exports is trout so we recommend picking it as one of your main courses. The Fainting Goat’s version is soft, buttery and flaky with a hint of lemon that compliments the cream sauce. No drop of sauce goes to waste as the perfectly cooked and seasoned veggies ensure every bit is enjoyed.

Pasta With An Egg On Top

Fainting Goat Wine Bar Wallace Idaho
Photo by: Local Freshies

Let’s preface this next dish with the note that we LOVE eggs. Eggs on burgers, eggs for breakfast, and eggs on anything! As soon as we saw a house-made pasta dish complete with a poached egg on top, it was game over in our minds. The Carbonara is delectable. As you cut into the egg, it oozes over the noodles, mingling with the creamiest pasta dish ever. To really bring it over the top, the caramelized bacon and Parmesan crisp add a salty and crunchy element to the whole experience.

Race Jones – An Artist in Food

Traveling all over the world working in major food meccas like Chicago, San Francisco, and even Europe, you have to ask how did he end up in Wallace? Race’s passion for food is equaled only to his love for cycling. Wallace and its surrounding area has some of the greatest trails in the world! His goal is to bring a James Beard award to Wallace and put this place on the map for food. We personally believe he will and it’s only a matter of time.

Best Crème Brulee Ever!

Fainting Goat Wine Bar Wallace Idaho
Photo by: Local Freshies

Before leaving, we suggest leaving some room to try his Crème Brulee. If a chef that has produced some of the best dishes you’ve had in years asks you to try something… You ALWAYS say Yes! It is out of this world! The crust on top cracks with the slightest pressure from the spoon and inside is a creamy custard with the perfect sweetness. Talk about finishing strong!