The Yellow Deli

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Monday – Thursday: Open 24 Hours
Friday: 12 am – 3 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 12 pm – 12 am


202 Vernon St.
Nelson, BC V1L4E2


We Serve The Fruit Of The Spirit

If there is only one place you can check out due to time constraints it would have be the Yellow Deli which is owned by a commune called the Twelve Tribes. Originally known as the Preserved Seed, it sits a little bit further down the road away from the main drag. The décor is homey, relaxed and would be like your grandma’s cottage if she were a hippy from the 60’s. Ambient lighting, checkered drapes, ferns in every corner, and calm meditative zen music will put you in a serene state of mind. There is a feel that even a visit to the deli counter might reset your chakras. The employees working were wearing flannel shirts, rolled up jeans, and boots. True Canadians, ready for any type of weather that Nelson might throw at them. The ambiance and servers helped prepare our minds and soul for our upcoming meal. The Humble Cabbage Soup was a filling tomato-based soup with celery seed and marvelous cabbage that seemed to be pickled.

The Cheesy Seed & Nut salad with fresh sourdough spelt bread.
The Cheesy Seed & Nut salad with fresh sourdough spelt bread

Another item on the menu that was good was the Cheesy Seed & Nut salad that had enough cheese to taste but didn’t overwhelm the salad.  By far the most interesting option on the menu was the spelt sourdough bread. It was dense, moist, slight salty, still warm and with no preservatives. The Yellow Deli was truly an amazing experience and will not be forgotten.