Who is Mr Plant? If you are a snowslider you should know!

The brand new Volcom movie “Mr Plant” begins its world tour on October 1st!!


So, who is Mr. Plant?  Before that question gets answered you must understand Volcom’s 21+ year film history in action sports.  Volcom has a legacy of making not just good films, but great films that become instant classics.  A perfect example is Subjekt Haakonsen.  This was a deep look into one of the greatest snowboarders of our time, Terje Haakonsen.

Like a torch being passed from one legend to the next, this year’s blockbuster Mr. Plant will look into the nomadic travels of Pat Moore a.k.a. Mr. Plant.  There’s even a cameo appearance from Terje Haakonsen.  Pat was originally part of the Forum super group and is now a disciple reppin’ the Volcom Stone.   He’s known to travel the world looking for unique terrain, which forces him to grow and expand…like a plant.   He sees the world as a giant playground.  Take a peek at the teaser below, and watch as he attacks every obstacle like a blue collar steel mill worker.

The list of the riders joining him in this film is staggering.  The line up is like a dream team of snowboarding.

The Legends in the movie:

  • Terje Haakonsen – Don’t know him?  This man he is a legend.  He was pulling tricks in the pipe when Shaun White was in diapers!  Even to this day, his distinctive style can be seen in everything he does.  He might be in his 40’s, but that fluid “Cat-like” style is still so recognizable and fun to watch .
  • Jamie Lynn – An artist with a snowboard.  Known to ride without gloves and pull off some of the best looking tweaked method airs ever seen.  In addition, his Lib Teach blue girl is still one of the most sought after board designs ever.  Its good to see him back on a board showing the youngin’s how it’s done.
  • Byan Iguchi – This original So-Cal freestyle king that left everything to follow his passion for riding big lines into the Tetons.
  • Jake Welch – Once again back in the mix.  He too is a former alumnus of the Forum posse.  It will be exciting to watch him work!

Other legends not listed above, include: Curtis Ciszek, Scott Blum, Seth Huot, Zach Normandin, Elena Hight, Hunter Wood, Mike Rav, Arthur Longo, and friends

For those out east be sure to check out the start of the World Premier Tour!

When / Where?

  • Cost: FREE!!!!
  • Wednesday October 1st, 2014
    • 7:30 pm
  • The Flying Monkey
    • 39 South Main Street
    • Plymouth, NH

For more info go here.

What if you don’t live back East?

The additional tour dates can be found here.

For those living in the Bay area or Tahoe we will keep you posted once those tour dates get closer.  Until then, get excited by watching the 2 teasers below:


Mr Plant – Teaser 1

Mr Plant – Teaser 2

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