Most Unique Pond Skimming Events in North America

There’s something about spring that brings the wackiness out of skiers. It could be the ample amount of sunshine, the deep snow pack or maybe that the season is almost over. Perhaps this is how Pond Skimming came to be. A competition or rite of passage as some would describe it, contestants ski or snowboard […]

Season Update: Riding the Pineapple Express in Tahoe

This March has been fantastic for snowfall. I take that back… it’s been a Miracle! But, as the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end” and our string of cold temps ran out BIG TIME. A Pineapple Express was headed to Lake Tahoe which meant high snow-levels. Translation – most ski resorts […]

Spring Season Pass – The Best Deal Out There

While most resorts are trying to ramp down and close-up shop by April 1st, there are a few ski resorts still waving the spring flag. Besides the party scene going off on the slopes, corn-huntin’ season is in full effect! Here are five resorts offering you UNLIMITED skiing & snowboarding through the end of their […]

Day 5 at Pebble Creek – Knee Deep Powder Weeks After A Storm

As a kid, my family spent every summer exploring North America. Do you know which places I remember the most from those vacations? Disney World? Las Vegas? Nope. It was our road trips to Alaska and Newfoundland. Why? Because they weren’t easy to get to. It was a badge of honor to tell my friends […]

Saint Patrick’s Day at US Ski Resorts

St. Patrick’s Day is almost as American as it is Irish. How so? Well, in the eighteenth century, Irish soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War were the first to hold St. Patrick’s Day parades. The celebrations became a way for the Irish to connect with their roots after they moved to America. Why not […]

Day 4: Welcome to the Rock! – Pebble Creek Ski Resort That Is

For me, hearing about a place prior of visiting makes my personal experience that much sweeter. It creates a certain mystique or legend inside my head, encouraging me to look for things that others may miss. This was certainly the case for Pebble Creek Ski Resort and the city of Pocatello. Reading about it in […]

Riders of the Storm – Lake Tahoe Miracle March 2018 Update

Wednesday started out like any other day in the Sierra Nevada – sunny and calm. In comparison, the news kept talking about this “mega-storm” but were the warnings true? With no crystal ball handy, we would just have to wait until tomorrow. If it does show up, our schedule is clear, and we’re ready to […]