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outdoor perspective local freshies gal outdoor life blog vlog

The Raw & Honest Truth Of A Regular Gal Taking On The Great Outdoors

Just me being me. Good. Bad. Definitely ugly. But at least I’m outside! I’m Jaime, usually known as the “other half of Local Freshies®”… but not anymore. I’m leaping out of my comfort zone & moving in front of the camera to share what it’s really like taking on the great outdoors.

Gear reviews. How-To’s. Behind-The-Scenes. Daily shenanigans.

It’s not polished. There’s no filters. Sometimes things go amazing. Other times, I definitely want to hit rewind. But that’s reality. You should NEVER feel embarrassed to try new things. Anyone who trolls you is too afraid to try themselves. You can feel sorry for them. Just give it a go! I do it all the time and yes… it doesn’t always work out & I probably look ridiculous, but who cares. I’d rather be outside making memories than couch surfing.

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