The “Dirty” Secret On How To Make Mountain Biking Enjoyable…

Tahoe Flume Trail Mountain Biking Norco Ponderosa Pines Photo by: Local Freshies

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Let’s be honest… mountain biking can be a downright “pain in the you know what”. The first few times you go out, you’ll have a blast. Then suddenly, your hip bones begin to get so tender that the idea of hopping on a bike is crippling. What is going on that your bike seat hurts? Are you the only one with this problem? The shocking answer is NO! Luckily, we got the inside scoop from our local bike shop owner on how to fix this AND help make mountain biking more comfortable.

No Saddle To Rule Them All

WTB Deva Female Saddle for Cycling
WTB Deva comes in an assortment of colors

First and possibly the easiest thing to do if your bike seat hurts is to change out the seat. Everyone’s body structure, weight and style of riding is unique. This means that the seat the bike came with will most likely not work for you. In addition, there’s a BIG difference in anatomy for men and women and so the pressure points are different. As the other half of Local Freshies found out, getting a female-specific seat did wonders to help remove the debilitating pain. While at face value they may look the same, they are not! Here are just a few of the female-specific saddles out there:

Chamois – The Dirty Secret Of Cyclists

Flume Trail Incline Village Snowy Peak Lake Tahoe
The winding road up to Marlette Lake. Snowy Peak to the right in the distance

The next piece of gear is something that could be considered the “Dirty” little secret cyclists don’t talk about. It’s all about the chamois. Not the soft pliable leather used to wash a car, but the cycling shorts designed to improve comfort and efficiency while cycling. While they might feel like you’re wearing a diaper, your rump will thank you. The built in padding will help extend your ride to a whole other level. Similar to a bike seat, don’t just try one pair but rather as many as you can. It’s a true personal preference.

Chamois Cream

Smooth as butt’r

Another taboo subject cyclists don’t really talk about is chamois cream. Just like running, as your adventures get longer, chafing becomes a bigger and bigger issue that can even become a medical problem. The cream is used to help reduce friction and keep bacterial build-up at bay. Do you need to use it? If you only ride every once in awhile for a few miles, most likely No. It’s when you start riding more and your journeys get longer that suddenly preventative stuff like this is important.

Don’t Have to Sacrifice Performance

We can agree that performance is key when riding on technical terrain. You don’t want to have a huge granny seat that’s in the way as you try to navigate a sandy patch or boulder field. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a ton of money or sacrifice performance to make mountain biking more comfortable. These simple tricks may help take you to the “ultimate fun” zone that mountain biking can be! To learn more about ways to make mountain biking more enjoyable, get tips on gear, or read about hidden adventures you can have on two wheels check out our in-depth guide: The Down & Dirty On Mountain Biking.

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