The Freshest Webstore Ever!

The time has finally come…it seemed like this day would never arrive! You asked and we listened.  Today we’d like to announce the Grand Opening of our Webstore!  You can now be a proud owner of the “Freshest” lids and stickers on the planet!

Local Freshies Hats

A dream has became a reality

Kirkwood_Inn_CropA couple years ago the Local Freshies journey began. Two snowboarders that were passionate about the outdoors had a dream…that dream was to quit their day jobs, create a website that promotes local businesses in ski towns and spend their days shredding around the globe!  Okay, so far we have only managed to create the website, but the dream is still alive!

The Local Freshies Logo was born

LocalFreshies_logo_sticker_1During this process we began to get to know our fans and they were diggin’ our logo. We thought it would be a good idea to create stickers to spread our image.  About a year and a half ago we contracted the help of the premier graphic designers in the land.  Located in a small unassuming location based in Meyers, CA, Rise Designs, accepted the challenge to create the logo in our visions.  After days, weeks, months of letting the creativity ooze from their brains, the Local Freshies logo was born.  For more about the meaning of the logo check out our About Us section.  Once the concept was complete we had to start production immediately.  As Mike and Marley worked late into the night the job was finally finished and the order was filled.

Thanks to those efforts you can now spot the Local Freshies logo on vehicles, snowboards, skis, venues and helmets throughout North America. In the beginning, funds were limited so only a select few were able to acquire this classy status symbol.  Due to the wild popularity supplies have increased and now everyone can own this iconic logo.  But wait, there’s more!!!

We held our first film tour

(c)doug.jones_LF_Incline_TourStop.jpg_SmallIn October 2015, we held our first film tour. We needed to make a statement.  It had to make our first introduction to the public memorable.  The only question was what…back to the drawing board.  Again we enlisted the help of Rise Designs and of course again they delivered!  Just like a Picasso or Van Gogh, a masterpiece was born!

The Local Freshies snapback trucker hats! 

Courtesy: Local Freshies

Courtesy: Local Freshies

Because we know our fans love flavor there are many options to choose from.  With different color combinations, flat bills and curved, there’s bound to be something for all.  Now I’m not promising you these hats are magic or have super powers…all I’m saying is after I started wearing mine I noticed I am faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and am able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Others have reported compliments of being really, really ridiculously good looking! So, don’t wait get yours today while supplies last!


In all seriousness, we appreciate your interests and request for Local Freshies gear. Stay tuned and check the store often, as we expand our line and branch out to provide some of the finest locally manufactured apparel on the planet!  This is only the beginning.  As always, keep it fresh yo!

One thought on “The Freshest Webstore Ever!

  1. Loved reading about the birth of a new enterpirse from two very entertaining, knowledgeable, creative and energetic men. The information you bestow on all of us is priceless and contributes to insure a better vacation or weekend retreat for all.
    Thank you for all your hard work and you keep going….it keeps us going and especially beautiful Lake Tahoe going.

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